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Japanese company Sony reveals details of its smart car…which can be driven using a PlayStation 5 controller.



LAS VEGAS – (GG Press) – Japanese company Sony Honda Mobility said Monday it will collaborate with US tech giant Microsoft to put artificial intelligence into its Avila electric car.

The Sony-Honda joint venture plans to use Microsoft technology to control voice commands in Avila and improve the safety of the new electric car's autonomous driving. The partnership was announced at a press conference ahead of the CES trade show, which begins Tuesday in Las Vegas, Nevada.

One company seems to have captivated the audience at the new edition of the CES 2024 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. During the exhibition, Izumi Kawanishi, the company's vice president of smart car development, appeared on stage and used a PlayStation 5 controller to drive the demo car.

This technology shows an interesting application for remote control of a car using game controller technology. This review shows how new technologies can provide innovative in-vehicle control experiences, and may influence the design and performance of future cars.

The test model has 45 precision sensors distributed inside and outside the car's body, which the company collaborated with Qualcomm and Honda in designing and manufacturing.

This car offers excellent performance with 536 horsepower, based on the power of a twin engine, and is capable of stopping to 100 kilometers per hour in less than 5 seconds, specifically 4.8 seconds.

Jessica Hawke, executive director of Microsoft, said the company reviewed its partnership with Microsoft during the exhibition, saying the car relies on Microsoft's cloud service Azure servers to analyze data collected by its sensors and leverage its capabilities. Benefits of artificial intelligence available in the cloud service to improve the user experience inside the car.

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