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Japanese manga legend Fujiko Fujio has died at the age of 88

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Fujiko A. Fujio, the famous Japanese manga artist who created the popular Japanese children’s manga story characters Ninja Hattori-kun and Pei Kyo Toro, has died at the age of 88.

The artist’s real name, Motu Abigo, was found unconscious in his home, and police confirmed his death, according to the Gigi Press Agency.

The friendship developed between Abigail, born in 1934, and Hiroshi Fujimoto, who later drew on the adventures of the world-famous robot cat Toreman, also known as Toreman in Arabic.

The two young artists began collaborating under the pseudonym Fujiko Fujio, and lived in an apartment in Tokyo with several prominent manga comics artists, including Osamu Desuka, considered the father of modern manga.

One of the first works of the duo, Fujiko Fujiko, is the adventures of a little ghost Kyo Toro who lives with a family of humans. The series was a success in Japan and abroad, and the animated film based on it was shown in the United States.

Moto Abigo also worked solo and created many manga characters such as Ninja Hattori-Kun Adventures.


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