January 29, 2023

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Jebel Ali District in Dubai and Promises of Escape

In this episode of Postcards, we discover Jebel Ali, an unknown district in south Dubai, which is famous above all else. The largest port in the Middle East, Named the best in this region of the world for 24 years. It plays an important role in the economy of the UAE by providing more than 80 weekly shipping services and serving more than 150 ports around the world.

Further This district Is a travel destination. The J.A. Resort This year marks its 40th anniversary. This five star beachfront resort has three architecturally unique hotels World-class 9-hole golf course.

To the south of Jebel Ali you will find Dubai Parks and Resorts. It is the largest leisure and recreation area in the Middle East with three theme parks and its water park.

Jebel Ali also has a cultural aspect: the district has a series of places dedicated to various cults, all of which are grouped together on two hectares set aside by Dubai leaders.

Finally, to recover yourself, a stop is necessary The last ext, a park of food trucks that appears straight from the Hollywood movie “Mad Max”.

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