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Jetta astronomer observes harvest moon .. Tomorrow

Jetta astronomer observes harvest moon .. Tomorrow

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Jetta astronomer observes harvest moon .. Tomorrow, Today, Sunday, September 19, 2021 12:49 pm

Jetta astronomer observes harvest moon .. Tomorrow

Published by SPA on 19 – 09 – 2021 in the city

The full moon day for the month of Safar 1443 is tomorrow, Monday, September 20, 2021 AD.
Engineer Majeed Abu Zahra, president of the Astronomical Society in Jeddah, explained that the use of the word harvest moon as a “popular” name for many years refers to the full moons that occur in September and October. During the months closest to the autumn solstice, September and October, the lunar rise time is near the time of sunset for several consecutive nights during the full moon phase in the Northern Hemisphere.
He pointed out that the moon rises from the east-northeast horizon when the sun sets. The sky returns to its smallest size, an optical illusion that takes place in the middle of each lunar month.
When the moon rises the pink or orange color is caused by the atmosphere of our planet because its elements scatter the white light reflected from the moon so that the colors of the blue waves are scattered with short wavelengths and the colors of the long wavelength red spectrum reach the eyes.
Engineer Abu Zahira said the harvest moon reaches its highest point in the sky at midnight local time, tilts southward, and following it, reaches the moment of completion at an angle of 180 degrees from the sun at 02 o’clock. : 54 after midnight Saudi time, it will be cut in half orbit around the earth during the month, and will continue to be seen until sunset on Tuesday with sunrise.

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