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“John Wick 4” ..a masterpiece ending the action opera in the best way


“John Wick” is one of the wonders of action cinema. A decade after that series ended, he emerged from the mantle of “The Matrix,” after which Keanu Reeves flopped between waves of flops, then rode the wave of “John Wick” back to the top.

Do you love or hate John Wick.. There is no middle ground because John Wick is a bogeyman who accidentally comes out of his hiding place, gets angry at his dog being killed and kills the killers, and clashes with the criminal. High Table” system that ruled his world. So he challenged them and killed the mighty and fierce assassins I sent him.

“John Wick” is a show-stopping action dance, and don’t tell me how one man can defeat a gang of 20! Don’t tell me how their bullets missed him and how his bullets hit them! Didn’t Arnold Schwarzenegger beat dozens of men in the glorious 80s? Didn’t Sylvester Stallone defeat entire battalions in the Rambo series? Didn’t John McClane single-handedly defeat the communist mob at Nagatomi Plaza?

The difference is that they flexed their muscles with American politics and capitalist propaganda, while John Wick mixed action with dance without a story. I don’t need a story because the story is in motion or active.

Go back to the roots of action cinema 100 years ago, back in the days of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, you wouldn’t find a story, you’d only look for reviews, which was the origin and foundation of many. It’s hard to understand when they watch the movie “John Wick.”

Director Chad Stahelski and writers Shay Hutton and Michael Finch break away from the mythology that dominated parts two and three, using a group of action sequences that flow like a stream over the course of a few minutes of the film to create the final hour of the film. According to the author of these lines, at least the best hour in action cinema.

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Part IV opens with the hero training after falling from a building at the end of Part III while escaping the assassins of the “High Table”. The installment’s main villain is the Marquis de Gramont (Bill Skarsgård), who is hired by the organization to clean up the mess.

Of course, Winston (Ian McShane), manager of the Continental Hotel, the New York branch of the city’s killers, turns loyalty to his advantage. The first scene is set in Osaka, Japan, where Vic (Reeves) seeks help from Shimazu (Hiroyuki Sanada), the manager of the Osaka branch of the Continental Hotel.

As soon as Shimazu agrees to help, a group of “high table” assassins arrives, accompanied by blind independent assassin Ken (Chinese Tony Yen). King Bowery (Laurence Fishburne) appears occasionally as John Wick’s arms supplier and is a reference to the character in the James Bond films.

Shamir Anderson is a wanted watchdog with his loyal, ferocious dog, Nets. Al-Muktafi’s character owns a dog, as the film mirrors Vic’s character, an ex-assassin who kills his dog in the first film. Don’t forget the dogfight that was part of the third film.

After the Battle of Osaka, Vic travels to Berlin to confront the assassin Killah (Scott Atkins), a reference to two evil characters who appeared in three James Bond films, Goldfinger in the movie named after the character. .

The same 1964, and the second Jazz, or Jaws, which appeared in “The Spy Who Loved Me” in 1977 and Moonraker in 1979, and the latter is the closest.

A radio station announcer guides the killers scattered through the streets of Paris with only his mouth to the wake. The shot is a little odd but adds a lot to the surrealism of the film, and is a reference to the famous 1979 Walter Hill film The Warriors.

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Although this is the fourth and probably the last part because Wake got what he wanted, the plot seems fresh like an original standalone film, all the ideas of action sequences are innovative and the film runs for 169 minutes. The film is an epic character.

Shot designers in action films are good at designing shots to minimize aesthetic tension, but that doesn’t happen in this film, characterized by long and varied fights between jujitsu, swords, arrows and guns. Great speed.

Stahelski uses a low angle for most of his scenes – 90% of them – even the dialogue scenes. It was used in “The Matrix,” but its use in “John Wick” served the purposes

Including suggesting an opponent’s strength, highlighting his greatness, or implying submission. As for dialogue scenes, Stahelski uses them to highlight the beauty of the background in the shot.

The film is full of unique, original and innovative action sequences, and we stop at three of them: the first is a scene where Vic fights Kayla in a nightclub in Berlin. This scene represents one of the most beautiful visuals in the film, combining stunning lighting with green, and a battle shot where light shines behind Vic and his opponent to make their shadows appear to be fighting. Background.

In this shot, two worlds are embodied: the first is the world of John Wick and the assassins, and the second is the world we know. We see nightclub dancers moving lightly without interrupting their dance to accommodate the brawls. If people had stopped to watch, it would have detracted from the beauty of the scene, and if they had run away, the shot would have been empty and dead. The dance here is two dances, the dance of the people and the dance of the fighters, and they overlap like no other film before, this particular originality.

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The second is a scene where Vic enters a building, so Stahelski abandons the low shot and shoots the scene from a high angle, or bird’s eye, meaning a camera on the roof, and follows Vic as he dances from room to room against enemies. Floor to floor in a strange fluid we’ve never seen before.

As for the third shot, which is an unforgettable masterpiece, John Wick fights his enemies in the Arc de Triomphe roundabout in Paris, and cars pass from his right and left, nobody stops, fighters or drivers. We’re not saying they’re used to street fighting, but we’re saying it’s a beautiful visual blend of two worlds in one shot.

If the first “John Wick” is a coincidence, the second is wonderful, the third is a masterpiece, and the fourth is the most beautiful ending if the story really ends here. It is a beautiful and interesting film to watch.

• “John Wick” is a show-stopping action dance, and don’t tell me how one man can defeat a gang of 20!


All the previous “John Wick” films had electronic music to accompany the action scenes, but in this film Stahelski uses songs, and here’s a note to stop: “Using songs that are well-known or recorded specifically for the film. If the background is for fight or action scenes, the director dilutes the darkness of the scene. , or he enjoyed his work and gained more confidence, especially in clips where the film refers to himself, by repeating clips that appeared in earlier parts, but in a different way.

If the first “John Wick” is a coincidence, the second is wonderful, the third is a masterpiece, and the fourth is the most beautiful ending if the story really ends here.

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