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Johnson delays stepping down as UK PM


Dina Mahmood (London)

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced yesterday that he will step down as chief executive of the Conservative Party and step down as prime minister after choosing a successor to the party leadership, after 48 hours of hectic political maneuvering. Rejected by his opponents, they claim him. Exit the scene immediately.
In a brief televised speech in front of the prime minister’s office at 10 Downing Street in central London, Johnson said it had become clear that the “will” of Conservative MPs in the House of Commons was shifting to electing a new leader. A hint of the wave of rebellion his party has seen since the evening, last Tuesday, was embodied in the resignation of dozens of ministers and key officials from the government, and several MPs withdrawing their support.
Johnson justified his two full days of refusing to respond to calls for his resignation, saying he was “retarded” in making the decision, eager to carry out the “mandate” voters had given him. , referring to the recent legislative elections in which he led the Conservative Party. To achieve a landslide parliamentary victory over his rival “Labour”, described as the largest majority since 1989. The issue of Britain’s exit from the European Union, “Brexit”, in December 2019, dominated his presidency.
In a speech that lasted no more than six minutes, the British prime minister admitted that he had failed to convince opposing ministers that it would be “strange” for a government with such a majority to resign. Many ministers and MPs quit their posts because of the “herd mentality” that prevailed in the corridors of government.
Johnson had anticipated the speech by appointing new ministers to replace those who resigned, led by Treasury ministers Rishi Sunak and Health Sajid Javid, one of the possible candidates to succeed him, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, and Defense Ministers. Ben Wallace and Trade Benny Mordent, along with Health Minister former Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt and Attorney General Suella Braverman.
In his later statements during the new cabinet meeting, Johnson said the government should continue its work, but at the same time indicated that it did not want to implement “new policies” or “follow significant approaches”. Changes in Govt.
Informed British sources said that procedures for electing a new party leader are expected to begin next Monday and a meeting to decide the necessary timetable is expected to be held by the party committee concerned with the file, known as the “1922 Committee”. To this end, Conservative and Labor MPs and key political figures have vowed to refuse to keep Johnson as prime minister until the process is completed, which could extend until next September.
They, including former prime minister John Major, called on Johnson to leave government immediately “in the interest of the country”, allowing an interim prime minister to take office, pending an early general election.
In turn, Keir Starmer, leader of the opposition “Labour” party, warned that if the “Conservatives” did not act, they could call a vote in the House of Commons to withdraw confidence in the current government. He urged its leader to leave immediately, saying the current situation “cannot continue”.
Analysts say Johnson was considering his “partial resignation” to contain a wave of violent unrest that has erupted in his party over the past few days, admitting he made a mistake in appointing Chris by exposing victims of harassment. A government for regulation is a parliamentary Conservative MPs.
However, initial reactions to Johnson’s last speech, due to the crises and scandals that have plagued the government, have left its leader and A. A number of his senior aides attended a party at the government headquarters, official during the quarantine, which was implemented to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.
In addition, the Johnson government has been blamed for the deterioration of Britain’s economic situation in the wake of the pandemic and the consequences of the crisis in Ukraine.

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