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Jordanian Football Association New Report on Iranian Women’s Goalkeeper’s Gender Verification ‘


The Jordan Football Association has released a statement regarding the gender verification of the goalkeeper of the Iranian women’s team.

The statement said: “We sympathize with the comments and reactions in the media and the misinformation about the Federation’s demand for a fair and transparent investigation by the Iranian Federation into verifying the gender of one of the Iranians. Would also like to clarify the following:

The Jordanian Football Association has not yet received an official response from the AFC regarding the outcome of the inquiry request.

The Federation respects the personal privacy of all persons, whether it is the name or status of a particular player or the provision of explicit or implied content, protecting confidentiality, privacy and distance from libel. Some media.

He added in a statement: “The procedure submitted by the federation guarantees the rights of the Jordanian team participating in the tournament and is guaranteed by the instructions of the tournament.”

He continued: “The federation renews its pride in the various local, Arab and international media, while at the same time avoiding distorting the true image in order to accurately report the news and spread incomplete or misleading information. Takes it to the dimensions “.

New report by the Jordanian Football Association regarding the verification issue

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A new development in the gender verification of the Iranian women's team goalkeeper (video and photos)

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AFC responds to Jordan after request to verify gender of Iranian goalkeeper

Yesterday, Tuesday, the Iranian women’s national team goalkeeper Zahra Khadi was asked by the Jordanian federation to claim huge financial compensation of one million dollars as a result of the psychological trauma and bullying she suffered, according to media and social media. Asian woman who checks her gender and confirms that she is not male.

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The Jordanian media, confirmed by the Jordanian news agency, has denied this, and the Jordanian Football Association has received no response from its Asian opponents to the Iranian goalkeeper’s request to verify his gender.

On the other hand, some voices arose in defense of the guard, whose only mistake being that she “does not have the body of a woman to open a barrage of accusations that call into question her femininity and biological system,” accusing athletes in general of having racist suspicions.

This comes after the Jordanian team failed to reach the final of the Asian Women’s Cup after losing to Iran on a penalty kick played by the “controversial” goalkeeper.

In 2015, the Iranian media reported the names of eight male athletes who had represented their country’s women’s team in recent years.

Source: RT

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