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Jules Pedia | What is the price of Lionel Messi’s watch worn at the best ceremony?

Find out the value of the watch worn by Lionel Messi when receiving the “Best of the Year” award at the FIFA Gala.

Argentina’s Lionel Messi was the star of FIFA’s “Best of the Best” awards ceremony, which took place in the French capital Paris on Monday evening, as he was named the best player for 2022 thanks to his leadership of his country. Reached the World Cup title for the third time in its history.

But Messi’s success at the ceremony wasn’t limited to his achievements on the field, but his fashion choices also garnered a lot of attention after he donned a stunning black suit designed by Dolce & Gabbana and accessories by Patek Philippe.

But what is the price of Messi’s watch worn at the best party? Joule takes you through this report.

What is the price of the watch worn by Messi at the best ceremony?

Spanish newspaper “Az” shed light on the stunning watch worn by Messi at the “BEST” ceremony designed by Philippe Patek.

Messi wore one of his signature watches, the “5270P” from the “Grandes Complications” collection.

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Of course, this watch is not affordable for everyone, as its price is around $ 220,000, and the brand’s website indicates that the prices of its products are “subject to change at any time and are not fixed.”

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What are the details of the watch Messi wore at the best party?

The watch goes on sale in 2022 and is presented in a platinum case with a sapphire crystal case back.

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Featuring a green dial with gold-tone hour markers, along with a perpetual calendar function, the watch is attached to a glossy black crocodile leather strap.

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Messi proudly wore this exceptional watch and took pictures with it with “The Best” trophy.