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Just a few days before the launch, learn about the most important features of the "iPhone 13" phone

Just a few days before the launch, learn about the most important features of the “iPhone 13” phone

Thanks for reading the news about the days before the release, learn about the most important features of the “iPhone 13”, now we begin with the details

Jetta – Gulf 365 Following – Agencies:

Apple plans to launch the iPhone 13 next September, while leaks continue about additional details and features of new products that will increase what we expect at Apple’s biggest event in 2021.

According to a new investigation by research firm Trendforce, one of the key and most important innovations in the iPhone 13 line will be the new processor with higher speed and higher power capacity.

The document, released by the research firm, indicates that Apple features the upcoming flagship smartphone series with massive hardware updates.

According to the report, the first thing is the single-chip Apple A15 bionic processor, which is made to the 5Nm standard, and the iPhone 13 series phones will support MMWave 5G outside the US. , Thanks for being able to install high capacity batteries in it.

According to data, the iPhone 13 Pro Max will have a battery capacity of 4,352 mAh (3,687 mAh instead of the iPhone 12 Pro Max), while the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro with the same screens will have a battery capacity of 3,095 mAh (instead of 2,815 mAh. Amp hours), and the iPhone The battery capacity of the 13 mini will increase from 2227 to 2406 mAh.

Evidence also reveals that the new iPhone 13 will support 25W fast charging technology. Despite knowing that the iPhone 12 supports 22W charging, Apple only sells a separate 20W charger.

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In addition, it has been confirmed that the iPhone 13 will be equipped with a laser rangefinder.

In terms of design, all smartphones have a small aperture for the front camera, and the main camera module has been additionally modified, with smaller models having two modules located diagonally, while larger models have larger cameras.

The screen of larger models supports an adaptive dynamic refresh rate of images from 1 to 120 Hz, in addition to increasing the capacity of the company flash memory to 1 dB.

Also, according to Trentforce, all four models of the iPhone 13 line need to maintain prices for current-generation models because Apple has great control over its production costs.

It should be noted that the details released by the research company are not new, but they reinforce plans for the arrival of Apple’s new smartphones and indicate what we can expect from those devices.

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