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Kalban Bellhole: We work with 40 international companies and 800 professionals to anticipate the future


Khalfan Juma Belhole, CEO of the Dubai Future Foundation, announced that they have signed agreements with more than 40 international companies that focus on their future, and the goal now is to bring these conversations together and create an implementation framework for them.

He pointed out that the first edition of the Dubai Future Forum was a translation of the idea of ​​creating a meeting to discuss future challenges and we found that the result was positive as the discussion led to a better understanding of the future. In light of the importance of sharing the message. The first edition was the first step to bring together companies, at that time their number reached 4, and today we have reached 40 companies and 800 professionals, which strengthens the position of Dubai as the most suitable platform for this meeting.

He said the second edition of the Dubai Future Forum reflects the leadership message of the foundation’s establishment, which sees the Dubai Future Forum as one of the elements and programs that will advance this vision, which saw the participation of 400 future professionals last year. , this year saw the attendance of more than 2,500 participants and 800 professionals, enhancing the company’s position as a station for anticipating the future in Dubai and the Emirates, and more importantly, discussions, projects and how to deliver concrete space plans.

He emphasized that the goal now is to translate these discussions and studies as priorities align with the goals of COP28. Last week, in addition to other priorities such as artificial intelligence and the challenges of the space industry, he pointed out that the big message is that the world must come together to shape the future and tackle the challenges.

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