June 2, 2023

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Kalpa people call for internal roads and sanitation projects

Kalba: Muhammad al-Wazilah

Residents and dignitaries of the neighborhoods of Kalba demanded the need for speedy implementation of several major projects needed by the various neighborhoods of the city, especially the internal road network project in the neighborhoods of Al-Saf, Al-Baraha, Sur. Kalpa and Gor Kalpa established popular housing, municipal services and suburban councils in many neighborhoods of the city, in addition to sewerage and gas connection projects in many neighborhoods of the city, in addition to the demands of some of them. Kalpa.

This came during their speech at the first Ramadan municipal meeting organized by the Municipal Council of the City of Kalba, Khor Kalba Suburban Council, and allocated to the citizens of the neighborhoods of Al-Khwair, Al-Bardi, Al-Qadisiya. Al-Saf, Hittin, Al-Sitra, Al-Baraha, Al-Jamaa, Al-Buhairah, Al-Qala’ and Khor Kalba neighborhoods, Suhaila suburb, the second municipal meeting was dedicated to the people and residents. The two councils were dedicated to enjoying the views and suggestions of the people for the development of Duraif neighborhoods and Al-Sur and Suhaila, Kalba city and its facilities.

Both sessions were chaired by Dr. Obaid Saif Hamad Al Zaabi, Chairman of the Municipal Council of Kalba City. Thanks were given to the Municipal Council in the presence of Municipal Council members and local dignitaries of Kalpa city. Kalpa’s great initiative to reach out to their places, listen to their demands and identify their needs.

Obaid Al Zaabi praised the response of the city residents to the first Ramadan municipal meeting, their response to the visit and their interest in defining their demands and needs to develop the city and improve its development path. He pointed out that his council’s objectives in organizing the Ramadan town council meeting were to get closer to the yearnings and aspirations of the people and touch upon their needs and development proposals for the neighborhoods and regions.

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