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Kate Middleton wearing the late Queen Elizabeth II’s necklace at the coronation


By Reham Abdullah

Tuesday, May 09, 2023 01:15 PM

An official photograph of the ceremony was shown Coronation of King Charles Britain’s monarch, Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton wore a necklace that belonged to the late Queen Elizabeth II, and Kate accessorized her stunning silk dress with one of the late queen’s necklaces, designed by her favorite designer Alexander McQueen. And according to the British Daily Mail, Kate wore a necklace that belonged to the late Queen and is one of her favorite things in life.

The necklace is made of 105 loose diamonds, suspended between two triangles of diamonds..

Group photo

Kate in an official portrait

Kate Middleton wears a necklace

Kate Middleton at the coronation

Kate Middleton on Coronation Day

Many expected Kate to wear it during the coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey last Saturday morning, except that Kate did not, and some confirmed she may have removed it to avoid damage. A Victorian royal dress was studded with silver and gold.

Kate Middleton may be wearing two dresses for the coronation, the Daily Mail said, as new royal photos show a gown with a different neckline than her stunning ivory silk Alexander McQueen gown.

On the other hand, viewers of the famous American talent discovery show “American Idol” were surprised by the sudden appearance of King Charles III and his wife Queen Camilla, and the newly crowned king of Britain exchanged conversations with celebrities. The show’s hosts are American singer Lionel Richie and American singer Katy Perry.

During filming in a room at Buckingham Palace, King Richie jokingly asked, “I just wanted to make sure how long you’re going to use this room for?” Richie replied that he and Perry had to leave the royal family. room immediately.

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