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Khaled Al-Nabawy: “Baligh Abu Al-Hana” is similar to my personality in this regard | News


Artist Khalid al-Nabawi shared a similarity with the character of “Balik Abu El-Hana” in the series “Raj Yin Ya Hawa”.

Lamis al-Hadithi, in his interview with the media for “A Last Word”, said that Khalid al-Nabawi was similar to the character “Balik Abu al-Hana” in the monastery because he was a monk. .

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Khalid al-Nabawi added, “I am a monk by nature. I do not seek success, but rather do my work properly, but success and success belong to our Lord, because we do the art that did not succeed at that time. It succeeds after a while, because we create art,” Not just for the sake of it.His thoughts all change according to the change of time and generation.

Khalid al-Nabawi insisted that his characters should be minimal, but they were imprinted on people’s minds, and he said, “Yes, I want Dawood Pasha to be a star, as well as Balik Abu al-Hana. I want the rest of the characters to be stars.”

And the series “Regin Ya Hawa” directed by Muhammad Salamah, verse and verse by Muhammad Sulaiman Abdul-Malik on the story of the late Osama Anwar Okasha, Khalid al-Nabawi, Noor Lebanon, Wafa Amar, Anushka, Ahmad Badir, Hoba Al Muham, Islam Jamal and Tariq Abdul Aziz and Salma Abu Taif, Noor Al-Nabawi, Tamim Abdo, Safa Al-Tawqi and others.

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