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Khaled El Sawy reveals his salary in movies and series


April 11, 2023

16:41 PM

Egyptian actor Khaled El Sawy talked about his salary in cinema and television artistic works. Al-Shawi explained that some may consider his salary large, but it came as a result of 34 years of struggle, insisting that he was keen to pay taxes on his income regularly, according to his statements to Al-Hayat. Channel.
He revealed that at the beginning of his career, when he received a monthly salary of £1,000 due to poor pay, he spent £900 on the rent for his house on the banks of the Nile and spent the rest on the whole. That month, she refuses her family’s financial support as she matures and relies on herself.
Khaled Al-Shawi confirmed that his fee per film is one million five hundred thousand pounds. He may accept a cut in his salary to work with them.
He said that he could accept a lower salary in exchange for not working daily during the filming of the film, and that he would have to take a cut in his salary due to having to spend his money on trips and travels. Daily living expenses.
Khaled Al-Sawy said: His salary for the series in which he played the main role continued to increase until he reached 7 million pounds, then dropped to 4 million after the situation in the series industry changed in recent years. He pointed out that he did not want to tempt people by talking about being rewarded with millions of pounds for his work, but wanted to make it clear that one can have money but not the mind to manage it. Because he loses millions by entering into his extravagance and loss-making business schemes.

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