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Khenifra Volcano.. New and official information regarding volcanic activity in Qouba community.. See



Environmental researchers said the smoke and fire spewing about one meter underground in Al-Qubab community, known on social media as “Kenifra volcano”, was not related to volcanic activity. Does it pose any threat to people? stable Neighbor neighbor.

A team of experts and professors specializing in geology and environmental sciences affiliated with the High School of Technology said the matter was related to so-called “char”, which consists of partially decomposed plant debris such as mosses, grasses and shrubs. .

One of the researchers revealed that the “charcoal” burning process in the outskirts of Ait Ishou, Douar Bouyaaqoub, in the Kebab community, started 15 days ago and did not include areas with significant moisture from the charcoal.

A researcher interested in the field of ecology highlighted that peat bog is a specific ecosystem characterized by few plants and high amount of organic matter called peat. Lack of oxygen.

Peatlands are home to a wide variety of animal and plant species that have adapted to special environmental conditions, the researcher added. These lands can be used to produce peat, a fossil fuel used as an energy source, or to grow plants.

Volcanic activity in the Gobe community at Kenifra

Peat is formed as a result of saturation of the environment with water (stagnant or slightly mobile) for a sufficiently long period of the year in an environment with sufficient plant growth. Human activities such as lightning, campfires, neglecting to dispose of cigarettes, or forest fires and climate change are often contributing factors to the ignition of peat bogs.

It is worth noting that the authorities carried out important excavations to cordon off the site as a precautionary measure, on the recommendation of researchers who indicated that the “charcoal swamp fire” would last for days due to its burning nature. Necessary measures should be taken to prevent the spread of infection to the materials and neighboring forests.

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