January 30, 2023

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Kiev and the European dream .. The wind blows on what Ukrainian ships do not like

Kiev and the European dream .. The wind blows on what Ukrainian ships do not like

In a recent European booking on Ukraine’s rapid accession to the EU, French Minister for European Affairs Clement Bonn said on Sunday that it could “take 15 or 20 years” for Ukraine to join the EU. Union. Kiev Meanwhile, in the European political system proposed by French President Emmanuel Macron.

“If we say we welcome the Ukrainians to the European Union, I do not want to sell the illusions and lies of the Ukrainians, but after 15 years you have not read in the footnote of the agreement that we welcome you. I think we are preparing for the disappointment of the whole generation of the Ukrainian people,” the French official added.

Observers and experts believe that the European Union will never provoke the “Russian bear” by taking a major step in accepting Ukraine’s application for EU membership, which, according to them, will turn the current war into a Russian war. With the overall European system.

Before or after this crisis, the Ukrainians were trying to put pressure on the impact of the war and European sympathy for the fact that the Europeans had not made firm or convincing promises that Kiev would quickly accept its membership. European capitals must accept the inclusion of Ukraine in its federation.

Amir al-Sabayla, a strategist and non-citizen of the US Stimson Research Institute, told Sky News Arabia: “Ukraine’s joining the European Union is already a very complex and complex issue. The spread of the war The current situation is between it and Russia, and in the aftermath of this severe global crisis, it has become more complicated because Europe cannot risk such action and could not engage itself directly in conflict with Russia.

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He added: “The current system of conflict in the Ukrainian arena is based on proxy warfare, so any such move would be interpreted by Russia in this direction and would draw the EU directly into the Ukrainian battlefield, especially from now on. European meat Consensus within the European Union is that, accordingly, the various issues and files that cause differences and divisions are folded, adjourned, and not decided.

For his part, Maher al-Hamdani, a researcher and expert on European affairs, says: “In the light of all geopolitical, strategic and security facts and facts, Kiev cannot enter the EU because the civil war has sunk in. The whole world was taken off the ground by Moscow in the midst of a severe international crisis to prevent NATO progress, and the EU was less dangerous and sensitive to the Russians than it was to join NATO.

Al-Hamdani added: “Not only the Russians but also the Europeans are aware of the sensitivity of this file. Ensures that it can take at least 20 years, which is an obvious and objective position that you agree with the main Paris. European capitals Berlin and Rome.

On Thursday, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba condemned “some capitals” “second-class treatment” of Ukraine’s candidacy to join the European Union.

German Chancellor Olaf Schulz has previously said he does not support granting Ukraine a “shortcut” to EU membership.

According to French President Macron, in a speech on May 9, Europe Day, he assessed the path to Ukraine’s accession. European union “It will take years, really decades.”

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