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Second incident in 24 hours… Washington condemns Russian fighter’s approach to US march on Syria


On Thursday morning, US Central Command Air Force Commander Alex Greenwich announced that a Russian fighter was subjected to “unprofessional and unsafe conduct” by a US MK 9 drone while conducting a mission against ISIS. In Syria.

Guenquich was added Report A Russian warplane dropped bursts and flew dangerously close to the parade, threatening the safety of all fighters involved.

Pointing out that the incident was the second such incident in the last twenty-four hours, he stressed that the incidents were another example of the “unprofessional and unsafe behavior” of the Russian Air Force in Syria and urged Russia to stop this recklessness. conduct and adhere to the standards of conduct expected of an airman.

Grynkewich renewed the U.S. Air Force’s commitment to ensure the safety and security of its personnel and continue to work with allies to prevent any escalation in the region.

In particular, US Central Air Force is committed to ensuring the safety and security of its personnel and assets and continues to work closely with allies and partners to address these incidents and prevent escalation of tensions in the region.

He then continued, “The security of the military and the success of the mission against ISIS depends on the professional and responsible behavior of all forces operating in the region.”

The U.S. Air Force released a video clip showing a Russian fighter jet flying close to a U.S. parade and throwing flares in front of it.

Notably, US Central Command on Wednesday accused Russian pilots of engaging in similar unsafe behavior during interactions with US drones carrying out similar missions against ISIS in Syria.

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And the US Air Force posted a tweet linked to a video of the Russian aircraft maneuvers.

Last April two Russian warplanes flew to intercept a US “Reaper MQ-9” convoy in the Black Sea, which crashed into the sea.

The incident raised tensions between Washington and Moscow.

Against the backdrop of the conflict in Ukraine, this type of accident between Russian and Western aircraft over the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea has increased in recent months.

Earlier this month, the British Air Force intercepted three Russian Air Force planes flying near NATO airspace, a British newspaper reported.

In late May, Moscow announced that it had intercepted four US strategic bombers over the Baltic Sea in two separate incidents within a week.

Russian planes were also sent to intercept French, German and Polish planes.

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