June 2, 2023

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King Charles and Prince William drape the Queen’s Green Umbrella in honor of Queen Elizabeth

They celebrate King Charles and Prince William At the end of the efforts of the late Queen Elizabeth, he began; Plant a tree in the gardens of the Queen’s Green Canopy, Sandringham House. According to Express.co.uk, King Charles thanked everyone who took part after announcing that more than three million trees had been planted in the Queen’s Green Canopy.

Launching the Queen’s Green Umbrella initiative

The initiative was launched in May 2021; It was extended after the Queen’s death in September last year to complete a project she started to plant trees in tribute to the late Queen ahead of her Platinum Jubilee.
The initiative is over, he said King CharlesIt’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since my mother and I planted a tree in Windsor Great Park to celebrate the launch of the Queen’s Green Canopy. I’m particularly fond of this momentous endeavour, as the second planting season draws to a close. I express my sincere gratitude to everyone around the world. The United Kingdom has helped plant more than three million trees, helping to create a lasting legacy in Queen Elizabeth’s name.” “This project shows how simple, practical and positive contributions can make a big difference, and I can think of no more fitting tribute to the late Queen’s 70-year reign. .”

Prince William joined his father Charles in planting a tree

Join to celebrate the launch of Queen Elizabeth’s initiative Prince William to King Charles The Acer was one of the last trees planted in the gardens of Sandringham House.
Sir David Attenborough, QGC Umbrella Ambassador, planted a tree in Richmond Park; The second represents the end of the planting season. “The Queen’s Green Canopy Initiative has created an invaluable national legacy for our children, future generations and the planet,” he said.

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King Charles is an environmentalist

King Charles He is a lifelong environmentalist, advocate and environmentalist who believes that the younger generation is the world’s only hope to save them from danger. During his recent visit to Germany, he stressed the need for the world to recognize the need to move towards more sustainable practices. “I’m becoming a frustrated old man,” he said. “It’s all clear to me. The younger generation certainly knows.”
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