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Koman throws it: Messi hides everything


The most exciting details revealed by Barcelona coach Ronald Coman about Messi’s departure are acknowledging that he has not regretted his decision to leave the national team captaincy for Barcelona.

This came in an interview with the Dutch newspaper “Votball International” after Barcelona lost 3-0 to Bayern Munich in the first round of the Champions League.

What did Koman say?

The Dutchman began his speech by explaining that he did not regret leaving the Netherlands national team to lead the Catalan club, and added: “In a situation like this, I try to get myself the best on the team.”

He then added words to protect the situation the team was going to and Lionel Messi’s exit, and as he said they were somewhat vague: “Messi hides everything,” meaning problems were covered by quality and secrecy. By the Argentine star.

Let’s go back a bit .. What did Labord say before about Messi’s departure?

Since he was announced to be leaving, Messi has not spoken about the matter or explained the real reasons for his departure after reaching an agreement with Barcelona to renew his contract.

The club’s president, John LaBorte, was the only one to blame for the “economic and structural restrictions on the rules of the Spanish league” and to talk about the reasons for his departure.

So far there is only one page to this story, but if Messi decides to talk about it as much as Gomez would have liked, a lot more opportunities would have arisen.

In a separate context .. What is the last position of the commoner?

It was clear to everyone that Barca’s Dutchman’s continued leadership was surrounded by skepticism, amid the difficult circumstances the club was going through at the local and European levels.

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According to Mundo Deportivo, Koman will face the final test in the team’s match against Cadiz from home tomorrow.

All signs confirm the need for Koman to beat Cadiz against Benfica in the Champions League next week in order for Koeman to retain his job.

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Koman stuck to his position, and a possible alternative to him: entertainment rumors!

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