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“Korean Movies 2022” ..brings the family together on screen


Tamer Abdel Hamid (Abu Dhabi)

Tomorrow, “Korea Film Festival 2022” in its sixth session, its film screenings will be held at “Yaz Mall – Fox Cinemas” Abu Dhabi, titled “Family on Screen”. Organized by the Republic of Korea, and the Korean Cultural Center in the UAE, to promote cultural ties, a solid foundation linking the Emirates and Korea, and cementing Abu Dhabi’s position as a leading hub for international culture and art.

9 movies
Fans of Korean films enjoyed the screening of 9 films during the festival, especially the international award-winning film “Escape from Mogadishu”, voted the best Asian film for 2021, starring a very popular Korean cast. , including Kim Eun-seok, directed by Ryo Seung-wan and directed by Hu Jun-ho and Kim Soo-jin, mixes thriller and “action” and is based on the true events of a Korean family’s perilous escape attempt after they are unable to return to their homeland. During the civil war in Somalia in the 1990s.

The festival celebrates social drama by offering a unique cinematic experience that opens a window into Korean society and its customs, which are carefully selected and showcase various aspects of family life in a variety of movements, comedies and dramas, including film. Set in 1988, “The Miracle: Letters to the President”, 17-year-old boy genius “Joon Kyung” lives in a village where there is no train station. Using it, John hopes to build a train station that serves the village he lives in. Seeing that his sister and the villagers are taking risks traveling on the railroad, he tries to send a letter to the president. The station will be built.
As for the movie “Our House”, it is a family drama whose story is “Hana”, “Yumi” and “Eugene”, three children friends who try to save their families from everyday and social events in various ways. They will emerge.
Based on the best-selling novel in Korea, “Kim Jeong” tells the story of a woman in her thirties, her life as a wife and mother, who experiences a midlife crisis and realizes what she misses from her past. Her husband tries to convince her that there is more to life than she imagines.

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Large reserve
Maisa Al-Wahibi, Vice President of the “Dika” Initiative for Emirati-Korean Cultural Exchange, commented on the success of the festival. The opening scene “Escape from Mogadishu” is one of the most special films I’ve ever seen. A perfect choice by the organizers of the festival, especially since the film’s direction and story are based on real events, it showed us another aspect of differences and conflicts that quickly disappear if we understand others.

Great event
For his part, Alaa Al-Awadi, president of the Emirati-Korean Soygo Society, confirmed that the “Korean Film Festival” is one of the prestigious annual cinema events regularly held in the Emirati capital. Two years after the festival was almost postponed due to the “Corona” epidemic, I am again pleased to show us many famous films collected under the slogan “Family on Screen”.

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