March 30, 2023

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Kuwaiti drama “Anarchy” crowned at the end of the free theater festival

“Anarchy” Theater Group (Festival Management) After Winning

Kuwaiti director Muhammad Al-Ansari’s Kuwaiti drama “Anarchy” won the gold prize for best integrated work at the awards ceremony. International Free Theater Festival In its seventeenth session, it concluded on Thursday evening at the Royal Cultural Centre.

Nine theaters from five countries participated in the festival’s activities, with two international and youth tracks: Jordan, Palestine, Kuwait, Syria and Tunisia.

The Silver Award for Best Integrated Work, created at the request of the jury, went to the Tunisian drama “Experimental Broadcast” by Tunisian director Moises Al-Qadhiri, and the drama itself won the award for Best Ensemble Acting..

Director Firaz Abu Sabah received the Special Jury Prize for Palestine’s play “Qalb Al-Sit”, while Jordanian director Karam Al-Jawahra received the Hussein Nafi Award for Best Drama Direction for his play “The Eternal Soul”. From Jordan.

The late artist Yasser Al-Masri won the Golden Award for Best Actor from Jordanian artist Najm al-Din al-Jawahra for his performance alongside Palestinian artist Salim al-Nabali in the play “The Eternal Spirit.” In the drama “Qalb Al-Sit”, Kuwaiti actress Fatimah Al-Azeeli won the “Best Actress Award” for her performance in the drama “Anarchy” and was awarded the “Best Cinematography/Visual Image Award” for the drama. “Eternal Soul”..

In the youth track, the play “The Lesson” directed by Aliya Bago from Jordan won the award for best integrated drama work.. Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to all the participating teams.

During the closing ceremony, the performance “Speak the Words of Peace” directed by Palestinian Said Salama and a play performed by many young artists who participated in the “pantomime” training workshop during the festival days.

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The panel of judges for the theatrical works included Jordanian designer Muhammad Al-Marashta, Jordanian artist Sama Guzoos, artist Tarek Sabri, Egyptian artist Liqa Suwatan and Iraqi artist Asia Kamal..