June 5, 2023

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La Liga positions

Real Madrid reached a dangerous draw in the final moments of the match, avoiding a historic defeat against Else.

The real Madrid In the 23rd round of the Spanish league, on Sunday, during a match at the Santiago Bernabeu, with a 2-2 draw with his teammate Else.

In the 33rd minute of the match when Real Madrid were close to scoring, he got a penalty kick, which was shot by Karim Benzema, but he threw it away from the goal.

This is the first time Real Madrid have missed a penalty kick since Kareem Benzema’s transfer from Lyon, France in the summer of 2009, after 16 successful kicks.

9 minutes after Benzema wasted no time, in the 42nd minute of the match Lucas Paul turned his head into a cross net and scored for the guest team.

The matter did not stop there. In the 58th minute of the match, Santiago Bernabeu injured Serbian striker Luka Jovic.

Although it was clear that Real Madrid had failed when Perry Milla scored the second goal in the 76th minute, the Royals’ opinion was different.

In the 82nd minute of the match, Croatian midfielder Luka Modric reduced the deficit with a second penalty kick for the Royals.

In the second minute of stoppage time, Brazilian defender Eder Milito equalized to put his teammate Vinicius Jr.’s cross into the net.

The draw lifted Real Madrid’s lead to 50 points, topping the Spanish league points table, four points ahead of second-placed Seville, who had played less than a game.

La Liga status table for the 2021-2022 season

  • Real Madrid – 50 points
  • Seville – 46 points
  • Real Betis – 40 points
  • Atletico Madrid – 36 points
  • Real Sociedad – 33 points
  • Villarreal – 32 points
  • Barcelona – 32 points
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