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Le Monde questioned the story of the occupation regarding the Baptist Hospital bombing


French newspaper Le Monde followed the American New York Times in questioning the Israeli story on the targeted bombing. National Hospital “Baptist” Inside GazaThis was previously done by the Sanat agency, which is affiliated with the Al Jazeera network and specializes in open sources.

Le Monde’s investigation refuted an aggressive story that appeared on Al Jazeera’s live broadcast that a Palestinian missile was the cause of the explosion at the hospital. The French newspaper’s investigative team confirmed that the projectile that appeared on Al Jazeera’s broadcast was indeed fired from Israel and not a Palestinian missile.

The projectile was also fired from the area where the Israeli occupation’s Iron Dome battery is located, less than two kilometers east of the Nahal Oz settlement.

The New York Times cast doubt on the Israeli story, insisting that a closer look at the missile video clip cited by Israel could not prove the story.

The newspaper – in a statement – cited a video clip taken from a live broadcast from an Al Jazeera camera that night and shows something else, and the missile seen in the video is not the cause of what happened to the hospital. , the missile actually exploded in the sky, but two miles away.

The Le Monde investigation explained that the Israeli missile, which was supposed to destroy Palestinian missiles in flight, “according to our calculations” flew more than 4,000 meters above sea level and exploded 20 seconds later. The first explosion occurred on the ground about two kilometers east of the hospital. Within two seconds, a second, much larger explosion occurred in the hospital courtyard.

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In its investigation, the French newspaper asked: Could the wreckage of an Israeli missile be responsible for the explosions on the ground?

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