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Researchers are calling for the use of artificial intelligence to preserve tradition


Researchers and experts in the field of collecting and preserving oral heritage, stressing the importance of using modern technologies and artificial intelligence, invite specialized institutions to present traditional content to reach new generations and dedicate its relationship to the tradition of fathers and grandfathers. In this field to coordinate their efforts to enrich the Arabic and international library with content that expresses the popular heritage of Arab communities. Proposals to achieve these goals as they participated in the sessions of the Second UAE International Conference on Oral History held yesterday morning under the theme “Their Memory is Our History: The Persistence of Traditional and Orally Transmitted Ideas and Practices”.

Abdullah Ali Al Majid, Director General of the National Archives and Library, confirmed that the National Archives has been operating for more than 50 years under the guidance and patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Vice President of the United Arab Emirates. , Deputy Prime Minister and Head of the Office of the President, to complete, collect and monitor 1,000 interviews to document the history, oral heritage of the state, during the opening speech of the conference, documenting the oral heritage faces several challenges in a row. Material available and verified as a reference to the history of the Emirates.

Al Majid explained that the National Archives is one of the institutions working in the field of documentation in collaboration with many institutions in the country, including media organizations, which provide successful programs and play an important role in documenting and publishing the oral tradition. In addition to the important role of the country’s history, theater and cinema works, monitoring events and highlighting social issues.

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A witness to civilisation

Dr. Ayesha Balkher, Research Adviser at the National Archives and Library, pointed out that the founding father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God have mercy on him, established good morals in Emirati society and to do good. Spreading happiness, embracing others and other values ​​that have contributed to building… creating a humane and harmonious social environment, and the country has attracted more than 200 nationalities, who find it safe to live and work, until the UAE society becomes a unique example of spreading peace in the world. They have chosen the place.

He explained that oral history stores evidence of the history of a civilization and values ​​that are an integral part of the region’s ancient national heritage. The conference has an elite group of experts from all over the world to discuss aspects of reconciliation between civilizations and the outcome of the conference is an integral part. together and document local history. We hope that the message of being proud of the past, loyal to the present and giving to the future will reach the future generations.

Former Minister of National Education and Youth of the Kingdom of Morocco Dr. Najima Day Day, in his intervention on the role of the International Festival “Moroccan Stories” in documenting, disseminating, and including school curricula of folk tales in Morocco. He points out that folktales take many different forms, including squares, houses by grandmothers and mothers.

Documentation is a cultural profession

Dr. Head of the Department of Arabic Language and Islamic Studies at the College of Arts, University of Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain. Diaa Al-Kaabi, an approach to propose an interactive cultural digital strategy for teaching popular literature courses in the Gulf Cooperation Council, creating digital cultural innovations for these courses, removing traditional contents, rethinking traditional teaching methods. A fast-paced world, and using podcasts to create digital content that appeals to young people and using artificial intelligence to preserve and disseminate stories.

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Traditional sustainability

In her intervention, Shaikha Al-Jabri, media advisor at the Family Development Foundation, focused on the UAE’s efforts to preserve oral tradition. It explains that these efforts go back to before the establishment of the Union State, i.e. from the sixties of the last century. The late Sheikh Saeed, may God have mercy on him, indicated his interest in tradition in its various forms. In addition to his interest in reviving various aspects of the tradition, especially folk poetry, he organized poets’ forums which the people of the state eagerly awaited to be televised.

Abdullah Ali Al Majid:

• Over 50 years, the National Archives has managed to collect over 1,000 interviews to document the nation’s oral history.

Aisha with benefit:

• Sheikh Zayed established the principles of good manners, doing good and spreading happiness in Emirati society.

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