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Learn about the best apps in the App Store this week


According to the Arab Gateway for Technical News, the App Store is filled with a variety of different applications.

The store has a wide variety of games to satisfy the tastes and interests of all users, and offers a subscription service called Apple Arcade, which allows you to access a lot of titles and games with a monthly subscription, and includes a wide range of suitable games that you want all users to enjoy. So we recommend subscribing to it.

Today we present to you a collection of the best games in the App Store, and access these games through the arcade service, Game Assemble With Care and this game comes from the developers of Awesome Monument Valley in both areas. Revolves around a set of normal daily activities.

It turns these functions into a collection of beautiful and interesting puzzles, as well as beautiful game design.

Card of Dakrness If you are a fan of Adventure Time, you will not think this game is different or its graphics are different, it uses the same graphics style as the Card of Darkness series. Sports team.

Cat, Cat Quest ll game belongs to the strategy games that rely on cards and subsequent characters to defeat your enemies and outdo them. When the first part of this game was released, everyone was talking about it being like Skyrim. But cats and the second part completes this history, since the game belongs to the RPG genre with a very unique design based on cats and dogs, the game provides a very interesting experience that you can enjoy alone or directly with one of your friends. In the game world.

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Crossy Road Castle The Crossy Road series is one of the most popular mobile game series, and this part comes with a change in the design and whole genre of the game, and this area revolves around a chicken trying to cross a huge castle. Move the monsters and its high levels along the length instead of exploring horizontally.

Earth Night Game. This game belongs to the category of continuous running games and it is one of the most popular genres of mobile games, but this game differs by its unique design and very unique graphics, which gives a different experience. The game includes shots falling from the sky and trying to escape from this fall.

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