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Learn about the properties of glass and “steel” in interior decoration


Sustainability, lightness and comfort are fundamentals in today’s interior design, and they are achieved through calm colors and modern materials that play an aesthetic and practical role at the same time. In this context, “” provides an overview of glass and “stainless steel” as they are popular decorative materials in the current year (2023).

Glass in the contemporary home

Tables with glass tops are desirable in modern decor (Image via Shutterstock)

There are many ways to integrate glass into residential spaces. Following are the advantages and methods of using glass in interior decoration:
1. The material works in all styles of interior decoration: modern, contemporary, neoclassical, Scandinavian and industrial.
2. It promotes lightness and modernity and helps to expand the architectural space, and it usually includes furniture, lighting units, doors, windows, walls, floors, partitions and decorative pieces…
Additionally, accessories made of colored glass are desirable, especially vases bold in their pigments.
3. Staircases are designed to improve communication in a vacuum, from a visual point of view.
4. Partitions are designed in modern open spaces.
5. Glass participates in luxurious materials such as wood and metal (stainless steel and aluminum), in furniture design, especially the surfaces of side tables and coffee tables.
6. Mirrors with curved edges or organic shapes decorate any space, although straight-line mirrors were once popular.

What do you think about following images of modern home decor starring “stainless steel”?

“Austel” for a glamorous touch in decor

Estelle stands out in its contemporary decorative details (Image via Shutterstock)

Sheets of “steel” or “stainless steel” in silver, gold, or bronze are commonly used today:

  • Wall decoration, like decorating the aforementioned surfaces, with wholesale options, based on their arrangement: mounting on top of one another or in straight or moving lines or geometric patterns.
  • The design of the TV wall, in one of the corners of the living room, as golden “steel” wood lines participate in this work.
  • In furniture design, “steel” lines appear on the floors of tables and boards.
Acetylcholine is popular this year. (Image via Shutterstock)
  • Designing accessories such as decorative pieces, plates and modern cutlery.
  • Floors, they design “steel” material, ceramic or marble.
  • lamp; Lighting units made of “steel” are striking, as are the raw materials mentioned in the designs of lamps, sconces and modern chandeliers.
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  • spacers design; It exudes modernity and luxury.

It is worth noting that the glossy touches of “Esteel” spread luxury in the space.

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