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Learn how to change your default browser in Windows 11


A report reveals that upgrading a system from Windows 10 to Windows 11 will take you to Microsoft Edge when you click on a link to a website, PDF document, or various file types.

In the new version of Windows, Microsoft seems to be pushing the default pre-installed ones before upgrading its own applications, in other words, Edge has suddenly become the user’s default browser.

Microsoft makes it difficult to change default browsers in Windows 11

When you first access another browser that does not have Edge – say Google Chrome – the non-Edge browser will ask if you want to change it to the default browser.

However, changing the default settings in Windows 11 is becoming more complicated than it was in Windows 10. So you may not get that easy request – or if you do, you may end up with a complicated looking page titled “Default Apps After App”. “

Anyway, here’s how to change:

Change the default browsers

– If you do not want Edge to be your default browser and your preferred browser does not provide the modification for you – or if it provides you, but instead sends you to the default apps page – here’s how to change the default.

I use Google Chrome, but it works on any browser you have installed on your computer.

Select Settings, then Applications, then Default Applications.

Under “Set default settings for apps”, scroll down to where your favorite browser is listed or enter a name in the “Search apps” section and click on the app.

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– You will see a list of browser-related files, and with each file name, on the processor that is currently attached to Windows 11, you can not change your default browser with a single click – you must change the assigned browser. For each specific file type.

– Find the file types that are designed for EDGE such as HTM, HTML, HTTP, HTTPS and PDF (if you do not have the PDF reader you want) and click on the file types you want to convert.

You can get the ‘Before Switching’ popup that prompts you to try Microsoft Edge – go ahead and click Switch anyway. You will see a “Continue to use this application” popup selected above and in other browsers installed. Go ahead and select the one you want to use (be aware that there may be some file types that your browser does not provide as an alternative).

One more thing: if you open Edge for any reason, you will get a popup that expects you to go back to your “recommended browser settings”.

It does not solve everything

But wait, even after you change the default browser to something other than Edge, Edge will still be the preferred browser for many Windows applications. For example, in Windows 11 bring up a new widget panel (by clicking on the widgets icon in your taskbar, it looks like a two-panel window), and then click on one of the messages that appears there – and the link opens. Margin.

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If this is annoying to you, there may be apps for that. To open links for Edge, you must do the following:

Go to Settings> Applications> Default Applications.

Scroll down until you see “Select Defaults by Link Type”.

Click on it and type “Edge” in the search box for “Set default settings for connection types”.

Under “Microsoft-Edge” you will find “Microsoft Edge”. If you click on it, you will see other browsers that you can use to open those special links.

Interestingly, if you have Chrome or Firefox installed, you will not see them as options. But if you have Brave browser installed, you will see it as an option – if you select it and click on the message link in the widget panel, it will appear in Brave.

Another possibility is a tool called EdgeDeflector, which first opens Windows 10 with the default web browser by intercepting Edge-specific links and typing them quickly again. I did some browsing and read that its latest version v1.2.3.0 works with Windows 11.

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