April 2, 2023

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Lebanese Foreign Minister comments on Saudi Arabia's statement: We are cruel .. He confirms: I am afraid of George Kardashian

Lebanese Foreign Minister comments on Saudi Arabia’s statement: We are cruel .. He confirms: I am afraid of George Kardashian

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Lebanese Foreign Minister Abdullah Bouhab has commented on the statements of Saudi Prince Faisal bin Farhan following the crisis over the Lebanese Information Minister’s statements. , George Gordahi on Yemen, considered offensive to the Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates, describing Saudi position. “Hardness”.

This came in an interview with Minister Bouhabi on the Lebanese Al-Jadeed channel, where he said: “Today the crisis is not in our hands, it has become bigger than us, it will become bigger than Lebanon as we see it today. The statements of the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia have become bigger than Lebanon and bigger than us as a ministry or ministers.

He continued, “There is no dispute with all the Gulf countries, Oman and Qatar have not severed ties with us, have not taken ambassadors, nothing. Our ambassador to the United Arab Emirates is still there, but the United Arab Emirates has withdrawn its ambassadors … There are circumstances for Saudi Arabia. ” Her condition, we do not understand. We think there is cruelty on us because the problems between any two countries are resolved through negotiations, or we start. How about resolving them through dialogue when they are between two brothers? “

He added: “The relationship between the state and Lebanon has been historically significant since the two countries first emerged, and the relationship between them is excellent, but we are not engaged in dialogue, not dialogue …”

Responding to a question on whether the crisis was beyond George Gordahi’s statements, the Lebanese minister said: “It is true that I personally think that George is a friend or that Minister Kardashian is a friend and a strong friend, there is a goat between them. To us.

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