June 6, 2023

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Lebanese President denies rumors about President Aun’s health

The Lebanese president’s media office has denied reports that President Michael Aun’s health is rumored to be deteriorating.

The office noted that Aun was doing her usual duties at the Babta Palace and was in good health.

The Lebanese president’s official account on Twitter has categorically denied fabricated reports about the health of President General Michael Aun. From time to time. “

In addition, caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Daib rejected President Aun’s invitation to hold a meeting to discuss the issue. Fuel crisis.

Aun called for the session to be dedicated to tackling the dire consequences of the causes of the fuel crisis, according to a statement released by the Republican presidential press office.

The commander of the Lebanese army met with the heads of the rest of the country’s security services to discuss the consequences of the country’s fuel crisis.

Congestion at gas stations in Lebanon

Lebanese Hezbollah’s deputy general secretary Naim Qasem said the party would work to import fuel from Iran at a time when Lebanon has been suffering from fuel shortages for weeks.

The fuel crisis in Lebanon is getting worse by the day, amid warnings of dangerous repercussions on health and safety conditions.

In this context, Suleiman Aaron, Syndicate Chairman of Private Hospitals in Lebanon, announced today, Friday, that 4 hospitals will run out of fuel within two days.

The hospital syndicate warned that the fuel shortage would be catastrophic for the health department, “but no one responded.”

With the official price announcement of the Ministry of Fuel and Water pending, most gas stations closed their doors on Friday, while some gas stations that continued to operate lined up hundreds of cars for several kilometers.

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This was accompanied by ongoing protests in various parts of the country against the abolition of fuel subsidies.

Dozens of protesters on Friday morning cut off several major roads in Lebanon’s north and south and in the Bekaa Valley as they refused to raise subsidies for fuel and harsh living conditions.

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