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Lebanon: Al-Rahi condemns summoning of Qiajia and seeks to contain crisis


Beirut: “Al-Khaleej”, agencies

Yesterday, Tuesday, the issue of summoning the leader of the “Lebanese forces” party, Samir Qiazia, to appear before military intelligence, was addressed in connection with the Dayone incidents, and Maronite patriot Bechara al-Rahi entered the queue to condemn the summons. The House of Representatives reaffirmed that the Supreme Council was entitled to prosecute ministers and delegates in the file related to the port explosion in Kiagia, before touring for three presidential posts (Republican, government and parliament) simultaneously. The probe into the presidents and ministers is not a judicial inquiry. .

Shepard denounces calling Kiagia

Al-Rahi told a news conference after a meeting with Speaker Nabih Perry: “I have discussed with Speaker Perry the various developments that have exacerbated the social and life crisis, the issue of the judiciary and the disruption of the cabinet.” He added, “We did not discuss the facts of the Tayouneh incident, but we emphasized the independence and independence of the judiciary.” He had no information about calling Geagea. Al-Rahi said he had met with Aun, Perry and Mikoti, and had entered a queue containing Jiajia’s summonses. Supporters of many parties and “forces” and two members of the armed forces “Amal Movement” and others.

Aun: There is no going back to the Civil War

On the other hand, Aun confirmed that the aftermath of the recent security incidents had ended and that there was no return to civil war in Lebanon, despite the continuing disturbances of the general situation in the country. In light of the current impediments to the work of the government in light of the negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, Aoun pointed out that the committees responsible for preparing and negotiating the files were still doing their job, but did not live only through cabinet committees and that it should be returned. Meeting soon to achieve practical and serious steps to liberate civilians and to implement the agreement with the International Monetary Fund. Mikati, meanwhile, reaffirmed his desire to complete the necessary decisions, implement the work of the organizations and committees, and meet the needs of the government and resume cabinet sessions as soon as possible. With regard to the setting up of the National Anti-Corruption Commission, Mikati said that the election of Justices Claude Karam and Therese Alawi has begun and if the government acts in the first cabinet session, we have taken practical steps to implement it. Appointment of other members upon completion of nomination.

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Parliament: Timely election

Meanwhile, at a session of the Joint Committees on Tuesday, the House voted in favor of President Aun’s response to the issue of the deadline in the Electoral Code and the recommendation to hold general elections on March 27. The House of Representatives responded to a letter from Justice Minister Henry Gauri, in which he noted al-Fitr’s insistence that he continue to prosecute former ministers and current MPs, emphasizing his position that the inquiry was not within the jurisdiction of the judiciary. Rather it is within the capacity of the Supreme Council for the Inquiry of Presidents and Ministers.

Also, protesters cut off traffic at the Rome junction in Beirut’s Hamra area, and “minibus” drivers cut off the road at the Roxy signal in Tripoli, prompting popular protests against deteriorating living conditions and rising fuel prices. The Land Transport Department and the Federation of Public Workers’ Unions have suspended a day of anger and a general and comprehensive strike in various Lebanese regions today (Wednesday). Bechara al-Asmar, president of the General Workers Union, with Prime Minister Najib Mikhadi.

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