January 30, 2023

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Lebanon elections "hundreds of violations" in the first hour

Lebanon elections “hundreds of violations” in the first hour

The Commission, by directly monitoring the reports received from its Operations Room and the electoral process, indicated that it would “read reports of these violations and take immediate action on them, including making recommendations to competent judicial bodies.”

He stressed that “the electoral process must continue to gain momentum until the end of the referendum” and called on all media, candidates and political organizations to “immediately observe election silence in accordance with the provisions of the Electoral Act.”

Earlier on Sunday, media reports said supporters of Hezbollah and the Amal movement had attacked a tent owned by Lebanese forces in Jazin, south of Beirut. Lebanon.

There was an argument between the forces and party supportersHisb Allah Zahle, Bekaa Valley, in eastern Lebanon.

Lebanese went to the polls early Sunday morning to elect new parliamentarians, hoping the impact of the economic downturn would change the face of the country and lead to a meaningful change in the vote.

A new bloc of opposition movement candidates for 2019 is vying against the country’s established ruling class, hoping to overthrow it, but their candidates are divided and without the money, experience and other benefits of traditional political rulers.

Voting began shortly after polling stations opened across the country under the protection of security forces.

Sunday’s elections have sparked widespread anti – government protests since Lebanon’s infiltration began in October 2019.

This is the first election since the biggest explosion in August 2020 Beirut PortIt killed more than 200 people, wounded thousands and devastated large parts of the Lebanese capital.

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However, expectations for real change are moderate, amid fears that the vote could bring back the same parties and political faces.