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Lebanon is waiting for Israel’s response to define the maritime border


Beirut: “Al-Khaleej” – Agencies

Lebanese President Michael Aun told U.S. mediator Amos Hochstein on Tuesday during his reception to welcome the US mediator in demarcating the maritime border between Lebanon and Israel. There is the possibility of war. At a time when restrictive parliamentary consultations on the appointment of a new Prime Minister appeared to be delayed after its return, the tone was “writing before work”.

Lebanon’s Director General of Public Security Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim, Deputy Speaker of Parliament Elias Bouzab and US Ambassador Dorothy Shia met with U.S. mediators at the meeting, which left without issuing any statement. He submitted to Hochstein in response to a US proposal submitted by Hochstein a few months ago that Hochstein would inform the Israeli side of the Lebanese position in the next few days. He emphasized Lebanon’s sovereign rights over water and natural resources, and demanded that the US mediators return to Lebanon as soon as possible. According to a media report, “President Aun verbally responded to the US mediator’s proposal made by him through the US ambassador last March, which included a new proposal from Lebanon and affirmed Lebanon’s water and sovereign rights. natural resources. According to reports, Lebanon has no claim to Line 29, which includes Karish Field in response, and explained that Lebanon had sought Line 23 and Ghana Field in the disputed area. He noted that the Lebanese response was to resume indirect technical negotiations with Israel, and called on Lebanon to suspend oil and gas extraction from the Karish field until further talks. Reports quoted sources in the Babtai presidential palace as saying that US mediators would transfer the Lebanese plan to Israel next week and that he would return to Lebanon with a response.

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Hochstein met with several Lebanese officials, led by caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikoti. He was briefed on the concerted position of Lebanon on border demarcation and US mediation. Oil exploration process without relinquishing ownership of Lebanon’s wealth. Hochstein also met with Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri and Foreign Minister Abdallah Bou Habib, as well as Army Commander General Joseph Aun, who agrees with Lebanon. In this context, Minister Bouhabi assured the Lebanese that there were no signs of war: despite mutual threats between the two sides, there were no serious signs of war on the part of Israel and Hezbollah, which is true. Based on accurate information from relevant circles.

On the other hand, it seems that restricting parliamentary consultations on the appointment of a new Prime Minister will be delayed. Identifying the name of the person assigned to form the new government is currently a priority. Drawing out the features of the new government in form, content, sizes and portfolios; Although the name of Mikati has been taken to form the regime, nothing has been decided yet.

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