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Lenovo ignites the virtual reality glasses market with its ThinReality VRX


Lenovo Electronics announced its first virtual reality glasses.

The glasses were supplied by the Chinese company on behalf of Think Reality VRX, and according to the “Yango Design” website, it follows Lenovo’s technology ecosystem, announced as ThinkPad.

These completely new glasses from Lenovo have been in development for a long time by the Chinese electronics brand, before Apple tried to offer its first glasses for virtual reality, the “Vision Pro”.

The new glasses are technologically equivalent to what the “Meta Quest Pro” glasses enjoy.

Lenovo is offering the glasses on the market starting at $1,299, which is cheaper than the $1,499 Meta Quest Pro glasses and the $3,499 Apple Vision Pro glasses.

The glasses are capable of connecting to various electronic devices through the Bluetooth feature, and they come with hand controls similar to the “Meta” glasses for virtual reality.

The glasses adopt a motion tracking system that provides a high degree of precision in spatial tracking in virtual reality, a 6DoF system.

The glasses have 6 camera lenses that are spread outwards and inwards, and the internal lenses of the glasses come with a resolution of 2280 x 2280, with a line correction rate of 90 MHz.

Lenovo’s first headset for virtual reality, the ThinReality VRX, weighs 1.76 pounds, which is heavier than Meta Platforms’ MetaQuest Pro headset.

The glasses work with 12GB RAM, 128GB inbuilt storage capacity and it runs on Android 12 operating system.

The glasses have USB 3.1 ports and a 3.5 mm headphone jack with support for WiFi 6E connectivity.

The glasses are scheduled to be available for sale in the market by the end of the current year 2023 to join the glasses industry as a major contender for virtual reality and augmented reality.

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