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“Let’s have fun together.” An exhibition of Korean culture


Saad Abdel Radi (Abu Dhabi)

The Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the UAE, Yu Ji Chang, opened the exhibition “Let’s Have Fun Together” jointly organized by the Korean Cultural Center in Abu Dhabi and the Korean Cultural Club “Hanguk Club” at Abu Dhabi University. at the Sheraton Hotel in Abu Dhabi, through the Overseas Hallyu Community Support Program of the Korea Foundation for International Cultural Exchange, within the framework of promoting cultural exchange, introducing and presenting Korean culture locally.
The exhibition program includes three features: the Arts Corner, which includes Korean calligraphy, Korean traditional music, and Korean food and entertainment.

Write your name in Korean
Korean alphabet was one of the highlights of the exhibition program, as participants explored its unique traditions while also learning how to write their names through Korean artists skilled in this fine art known as “Han Jeol”. In 1944, one of its distinguishing features was the design of the human speech organs, the tongue and throat, and the three basic elements: sky, earth, and mankind.
The letters of the Korean alphabet consist of independent verbal units, each of which can form a word with one meaning, Korean calligraphy has a long history, and its famous manuscripts include: Kim Song, Dan Yuen, Han Ho, and Kim Jung.

Traditional music
The audience enjoyed a concert featuring the Gaeum instrument, a traditional Korean musical instrument used as a means of expressing Korean culture and heritage. Korean artists participated in the traditional music performance.

Culinary culture
The exhibition program also included a live cooking section for “Kimbap” rolls, where visitors learned about the Korean culinary culture by preparing this famous Korean dish, in the hands of talented Korean chefs, who introduced the secrets of preparation to the participants. “Gimbap,” highlights the culture of Korean cuisine in addition to a variety of traditional dishes. The fair also had a corner selling Korean products.

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Hanbok culture
The exhibition offered visitors the experience of wearing traditional Korean hanbok clothing, with a variety of hanbok designs and colors to choose from.

Pearl making experience is mother
The exhibition also features a workshop on making mother-of-pearl jewelry, a traditional Korean technique that starts with designing the necklace after choosing its shape, size and decoration. Pearl on the surface of the piece to be decorated. It requires precision and skill to create the required design, and the art of creating mother of pearl involves a combination of traditional craftsmanship, artistic design and attention to detail. Cultural heritage of Korea.

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