April 1, 2023

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أول كمبيوتر محمول للألعاب من LG مزود بمواصفات متطورة.. تعرف عليها

LG’s first gaming laptop with advanced specifications .. Get to know them

LG is known for its productivity-oriented laptops, especially the lightweight 17g – but none of the serious gaming models, according to an involved technical report.

Now the company has revealed that it is “the first gaming laptop” with some high-end specifications. 4GB RAM. 32GB and 1TB of storage.

It comes with a 300Hz 1080p IPS display, with 93Wh battery and good tolerance for creating gaming or content, and with the Thunderbolt 4 there is a good selection of ports including USB 4 Gen 3×2 (Type C) and USB-C 3.2. 2×1 port Others include two USB 3.2 Gen 2×1 ports, HDMI, microSD, headphone jack and RJ45, among other features a fingerprint sensor, power button and 1080p webcam.

It also has an aluminum case with an attractive gray / purple color scheme and is very thin for a 17-inch (21.4mm) laptop, and although it is slightly heavier than PC MSI’s GS76 Stealth 17, it weighs 5.82 pounds. Inch laptop, which weighs 5.4 pounds and has a large battery.

LG has not released a base price, but it could be a good choice for those who like the LG brand and appreciate minimalist design, and it is scheduled to arrive in the US and South Korea in early 2022, and more details on the CES 2022 that LG will release on January 4th.

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