March 30, 2023

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Can provide iPhone owners with a detailed record of which parts have been replaced

Can provide iPhone owners with a detailed record of which parts have been replaced

Apple wants to add a new feature to iPhone devices to let users know if the device has been previously repaired and whether the original screen or battery was used, and this information will be available in the Settings app with the upcoming iOS 15.2 update, allowing those who wish. Buy used iPhones and find out which parts have been replaced.

The new update came to create an earlier feature that lets you know whether the screen or battery is original and now the widget replacement date will be specified.

Since the release of the iPhone 11, Apple has started to show a warning when installing a new non-original screen, now older iPhones like the XR models can be warned if the battery is not original.

Earlier versions of iOS threatened to make screen repair more difficult on the iPhone 13, requiring careful soldering to avoid facial sensor malfunction. Here comes the new iOS 15.2 update, which allows users to service their devices without being affected by the Face Sensor.

Buying and selling used iPhones is a huge marketplace, but it can be scary not knowing if the device has a low quality battery or the screen is original and this can happen if someone unrelated to Apple does this service.

With the announcement of Apple Self-Repair, customers will have a way to get the original parts and repair their iPhones at home, and since this service is supported by Apple, the latest iPhones running iOS 15.2 have been self-repaired. Acknowledge that the repair is complete and the parts are genuine.

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