June 5, 2023

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Liberation from the clutches of the Houthis to the center of Baihan district

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Shabwa Governor Awad al-Awlaki announced last night that he would liberate the governorate’s Baihan district center from Houthi militants.

Al-Awlaki saluted the sacrifices made by the Giants, the army and the opposition in achieving this precious military victory, praising the coalition’s support for the legitimacy of the liberation wars in Yemen, and highlighting the importance of the military’s course. Activities on the path to liberate the remaining areas of the Directorate, villages and countryside.

Al-Awlaki congratulated the militants for achieving this new national victory and praised the Giants Brigades’ insistence on continuing to liberate every remaining inch of the Houthi militants.
Field sources said: Giants’ forces have taken control of the entire Baihan district west of Shabwa and are advancing towards the border with al-Baida governorate in central Yemen.

The Houthis escaped
Amid a flurry of Houthi fighter jets, giants entered the city of al-Olayya, the center of Beihan district.
According to military sources, the Giants’ forces entered the central part of Behan district yesterday evening, stopped at the district’s security division and launched a campaign to recapture the city and pursue the militants who fled towards the famous Qinthug. Mountain west of the city of Baihan and on the border of Al Baida Governorate.

In a related context, the Giants Brigades controlled the intersection of the main road connecting the Shabba Governorate with the Marib and Al-Baida Governorates.
Also, four civilians were killed and others wounded by a Houthi-launched ballistic missile at a gas station in the Usailan district west of the Shabwa governorate.

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