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Libya Geneva talks due to prolonged election and power differences


UN-backed mission in Libya The results of a high-level meeting of the Libyan constitutional path have been postponed until Thursday, with differences of opinion over key elections and executive powers emerging “for further consultations”. Elections in Libya. In the presence of the two governments, they looked at a number of political factors and explained that the proposal was an idea until now, and that “only the Libyans determine their performance.”

The work continued for a second day yesterday under the auspices of UN Adviser to Libya Stephanie Williams, with the participation of Parliament Speaker Aquila Saleh and Supreme Council of State President Khalid al-Mashri, the task force said in a statement on Wednesday. The day and today are expected to end on Thursday; Both delegates continue to work on the remaining issues related to the constitutional framework for holding elections.

A government

Richard Norland, the US ambassador to Libya, on the other hand, said his proposal to hold elections in Libya in the presence of two governments came after looking at a number of political factors. , And “Libyans alone determine the extent of its effectiveness. Norland told a news conference in Tripoli yesterday that the best way is to have a single government overseeing the election and that “this could happen in the future.” Currently possible in Libya. “

He stressed that the solution lies with the parties and activists in Libya, and asked, “Will they agree to one government or go for elections under two governments?”

He said: Both governments can provide security in areas under their control and control and help the High National Electoral Commission to provide a conducive environment for a proper and smooth voting process in all parts of the country.

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The US Embassy in Tripoli will open soon

Norland declined to set a date for the opening of its embassy in Tripoli, adding: “But we are closer now than yesterday.”

He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was important for the Libyan people. He expressed his delight: I am fortunate to meet three members of the Council to discuss their important efforts in the field of reconciliation, and the United States appreciates the President’s efforts, and his two Vice Presidents.

“We are also exploring the US conflict prevention and stabilization strategy launched by the White House in April, reconciliation efforts in Libya and how it can support economic growth in the south,” he added in a tweet from the US embassy in Libya. On its Twitter account.

Mizuratta gates were closed in protest

In addition, forces supporting pro-Central Army regional forces in Libya closed all western entrances to Misrata in protest of the United Government led by Abdel Hamid al-Tabaiba.

Troops affiliated with Operation Volcano of Rage and the Third Regiment loyal to the United Kingdom said in a statement yesterday: “We have closed the gateway to the western city of Mizoram because we saw the government’s breach of its promises and its shortcomings. Intensity in providing compensation for damages of battalions concerned.

He added: We see the government spending money here and there on other armed organizations without solving the simple and primary problem of the state, electricity. (Agencies)

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