February 6, 2023

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Life journey .. Traditional dances that express the rich culture of Angola

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In a unique art show, the Angola Pavilion Expo 2020 was celebrated with Dubai audience, presenting explicit dance panels at the Dubai Millennium Theater today, Sunday, as an exceptional group of talented artists on the journey of identity, origin and life. Singing and enchanting music about the unique traditions and culture of the African Republic.

There was a stunning display titled “Hearts cling to the past, minds think about the future”, which was the motto of the expo, which “connects minds and creates the future.” A group of dancers, such as the African-rooted samba, one of the many Latin dances that appeared in Congo and Angola, performed impressive traditional dances.

Members of the audience took part in a live conversation with the show, where the presenter took three girls from the audience to the stage and danced to happy African rhythms amidst the cheers and applause of the audience, with the participation of a young man. The man who dances to the music of one of the unique songs in a lively atmosphere.

Angola is famous for its music, and in celebration of Angolan culture, performances are held throughout the day in the African country pavilion where drums, piano and guitar are heard. Pavilions from countries neighboring the Pavilion participate in these events; To ensure that music is a language that unites cultures, regardless of different language interactions.

Expo 2020 offers visitors to the Angola Pavilion in Dubai the opportunity to draw inspiration from the engineering design of sauna art.


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