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Little-Known Facts About Vitamin D


The nutritionist explained that vitamin D plays an important role in maintaining human health and is responsible for many processes that take place in the body.

Dr. In an interview with “Izvestia” newspaper, Lubov Stankevich said that various myths surround this vitamin, despite the fact that some interesting facts are unknown, as reported by “Russia Today”.

According to him, many people believe that vitamin D production should be a person under the sun.

And she says, “Of course, the skin is capable of producing vitamin D. But for that, it’s necessary to sunbathe on the entire surface of the skin every day, in a bikini or without clothes. I hope it’s produced by the skin.”

He points out that, firstly, it is harmful to the skin, and secondly, it is difficult to find enough time for this every day. In addition, attention should be paid to the angle of incidence of sunlight on the skin. Based on this, the popular opinion that you can get vitamin D with the help of tanning is nothing more than a myth.

He says: “The second myth is the foods you can eat to get vitamin D. This means that to keep the vitamin level in the body normal, you need 100-200 grams of butter, six eggs and 2 kilograms of wild sea fish caught in their natural environment daily.” The consequences of such a daily diet are not difficult, as it can lead to obesity, atherosclerosis and other diseases.”

In the last decade, scientists have discovered that vitamin D is actually a hormone because it has hormonal activity and is responsible for 600 biochemical reactions in the body, the doctor points out. Sensory receptors are present in all body systems and organs.

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He says: “It is a very powerful immunostimulant. The immune system is made up of different cells. Some cells can be activated by vitamin D, then the antiviral defense works, and most importantly, the anti-tumor defense works, ie. , the defense against tumor diseases. In return, the body’s Other cells are inhibited.” The immune system suppresses its activity, and this affects the treatment of patients with an overactive immune system.”

According to him, protection against viral infections depends on vitamin D and not vitamin C. In addition, it is an indicator of cardiovascular disease, which reduces the risk of its development.
In addition, it determines the work of the brain. That is, the relationship between mental activity and vitamin D levels occurs even during the development of the baby in the mother’s womb. It has been shown that pregnant women who are vitamin D deficient during pregnancy have an increased risk of schizophrenia in their children in adulthood.

“Vitamin D is related to the reproductive system not only in women, but also in men, as male reproductive performance also depends on its proper levels,” he says.

According to him, vitamin D should not be taken with calcium, but rather with vitamin K2, which helps absorb calcium, which, when it reaches the bloodstream, must go to the bone tissue, but without vitamin K2 this cannot happen, which leads to Increased risk of its deposition in bones, blood vessels, internal organs and soft tissues.

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