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Liz Truss joins race after Boris Johnson

Liz Truss joins race after Boris Johnson

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss announced her candidacy on Sunday evening to succeed Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who resigned this week following a series of scandals.
This race for the leadership of the Conservative Party and, as a result, the leadership of the next government, predicts a hot summer that will bring a lot of controversy and fighting.
Truss, 46, wrote in the Daily Telegraph, “I will run this election as a Conservative and I will judge as a Conservative.
Truss joins ten other candidates in the race for the leadership of the Conservative Party, giving the Conservatives a majority in the House of Commons.
Drass added in his essay: “I put myself first because I can lead… and make the tough decisions. I have a clear vision of where we want to be, and the experience and determination to get us there. Terrace is very popular with the Conservative Party base. MP Rahman Chishti also joined the fray.
Ahead of Teras and Chishti’s candidacy announcements, nine Conservative MPs launched their campaigns to succeed Johnson on Sunday, many of them keen to differ from former finance minister Rishi Sunak on tax issues.
Secretary of State for International Trade, Benny Mordant, 49, announced his candidacy on Sunday morning. Mordaunt, a former marine, became the first woman to serve as defense secretary in 2019. The candidates’ declared desire to emerge from an endless series of scandals has crippled Johnson’s tenure, leaving him with no choice but to resign, Thursday, after announcements to withdraw from his government.
Former ministers Jeremy Hunt and Sajid Javid announced their candidacies in two articles in the conservative Sunday Telegraph newspaper on Saturday evening.
Both emphasized the plans to cut taxes, representing a move away from Sunak, who wants to wait for a consolidation of public finances before considering introducing tax cuts in a United Kingdom facing unprecedented inflation for 40 years. .
“Without tax cuts, we won’t see growth,” Javid told the BBC.
Javid announced his resignation on Tuesday, starting a string of nearly sixty resignations and dealing a death blow to Johnson. Javid, 52, was followed nine minutes later by Finance Minister Sunak. But he insisted that they did not coordinate the move.
Sunak is best known for various economic support measures taken at the height of the pandemic, but his position has been weakened for some time by revelations that his wealthy wife sought a tax system that favored her. However, he seems to have succeeded in overturning it and now has the support of many representatives.
However, Sunak risks the wrath of Johnson’s camp, who is suspected of “treason”; It seems that he did not notify the Prime Minister before resigning from the government.
The other serious candidate, Naseem al-Zahavi, led the British vaccine program against “Covid-19” when he was minister of state before moving from the education ministry to the finance ministry last week. And the start of his election campaign was dogged by newspaper revelations about a tax investigation targeting him.
He responded via Sky News: “There is an obvious attempt to discredit me,” insisting he was unaware of the investigation and that he had “always” paid and declared his taxes in the United Kingdom.
Other contenders who appear unlikely to win include Transport Secretary Grant Shabbs and Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Tom Dugentat, Attorney-General Suillah Braverman, who is responsible for providing legal advice to the government, and Kimi Patnock, the former Secretary of State for Equality.
Defense Minister Ben Wallace announced on Saturday that he would not run. In all, the party organizations are expecting around fifteen nominations.
The treasurer of the 1922 committee, Geoffrey Clifton Brown, who is responsible for the party’s internal organization, told the BBC on Sunday that he was “hopeful” the two finalists would be known by July 20.
On Monday, according to the “Sunday Telegraph”, it is expected to announce a detailed timetable for closing the nomination door from Tuesday.
The result is to ensure that the final vote is limited to members of the Conservative Party and the winner will be announced in early September.

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