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Local financial markets liquidity rises to 7.88 billion dirhams


Liquidity in the local financial markets increased to 7.88 billion dirhams last week after 28 large transactions were carried out on the Dubai Financial Market in shares of four companies worth a total of 143.5 million dirhams at the end of yesterday’s trade.

A total of 5.39 billion dirhams were distributed in the Abu Dhabi Securities Market and 2.49 billion dirhams in the Dubai market after 2.057 billion shares were traded by executing more than 117.59 thousand transactions.

The market capitalization of stocks listed on local financial markets reached about 3.4 trillion dirhams at the end of Friday’s session, with 2.725 trillion dirhams distributed to stocks listed on the Abu Dhabi market and 671.607 billion dirhams to stocks listed on the Dubai market.

The Abu Dhabi Securities Market General Index, “FADJI”, closed down 1.13% at 9482.97 points, while the Dubai Public Market Index closed down 2.27% at 3965.05 points.

During yesterday’s trading on Friday, a total of 143.5 million dirhams took place after more than 64 million shares were traded in 28 major contracts (seven contracts for each company) in the shares of four companies on the Dubai market. Amanat Holding shares were executed with a value of 50 million dirhams, including 50 million shares, at a price of 1 dirham per share, while “Emaar Properties” shares completed transactions worth 48.9 million dirhams after trading 6.38 million shares. , priced at AED 7.67 per share.

Transactions of Dubai Islamic Bank were about 43.5 million dirhams, with 7.8 million shares traded at 5.57 dirhams per share, while National Cement shares were executed at a price of about 1 million dirhams, including 468 thousand shares. 2.35 per share.

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Big deals

Direct core trades are trades executed outside the order book and do not affect the closing price or price index of the shares of the company in question, and they do not affect the high and low prices executed during the session and during the last 52 weeks.

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