May 28, 2023

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Local stock markets attract liquidity of Dh1.4 billion

At the close of Monday’s trading this May and earlier in the week, local stock markets attracted liquidity of nearly 1.4 billion dirhams with a concentration in real estate, finance and banking stocks. After 460.6 million shares were traded through more than 18.51 thousand transactions, liquidity was distributed at AED 1.24 billion on the Abu Dhabi Securities Market and AED 277.63 million on the Dubai Financial Market.

The Dubai market index was down 0.2% to 3538.05 points and the Abu Dhabi market index “Fadex 15” was down 0.86% to 9704.42 points.
Broadly, the Dubai Financial Market index fell, with shares of Emirates NBD down 1.06% to 13.95 dirhams. Shares of “Emaar Properties” fell 0.4% to 5.91 dirhams, with transactions exceeding 4.9 million shares. Dubai Islamic and Dubai Financial markets were down 0.9% and 1.3% respectively. “Deva” shares were down 0.8% at 2.46 dirhams.
Union Properties rose 0.4% to 0.26 dirhams, the most traded stock with nearly 49 million shares traded.
At the close of trading, the Abu Dhabi Securities Market Index recorded a 0.9% decline, reaching 9704 points, while “ADNOC Gas” shares fell 0.3% to 3.2 dirhams. Shares «Ishrak Investment» were down 0.4% at 0.51 dirhams.
Shares of “Prestate” fell 7.9% to 3.65 dirhams, and shares of “Multiplay” fell 3.3% to 3.25 dirhams.
Dana Gas was the most traded stock at 0.904 dirhams, up 1.1% with transactions exceeding 49 million shares.

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