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Flydubai posted the highest profit in its history at 1.2 billion dirhams with a growth of 43%.


Flydubai Airlines announced its annual results for the year ending December 31, 2022, which revealed a profit growth of 43% to 1.2 billion dirhams, reflecting a strong business model based on operational efficiency and flexibility.

Key results

According to the key results, “FlyduBoy” achieved 9.1 billion dirhams (2.5 billion US dollars) last year, compared to 5.3 billion dirhams (1.4 billion dollars) in 2021, a growth of 72%.

Carrying 10.6 million passengers, the company revealed that it has acquired 17 new aircraft, the highest number of aircraft acquisitions in a year, with 89% growth compared to 2021.

Flydubai has indicated that 1,300 new employees have joined the airline in the company’s biggest recruitment drive in a year.

business model

Shaikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Supreme Chairman of Flydubai, said, “The historic achievement achieved by (flydubai) over the past year is a direct result of the airline’s strong business model and adaptability and flexibility during challenges. It strengthened its position as a key factor in Dubai’s success as a global aviation hub.

His Highness added, “(flydubai) is committed to always maintaining its high standards in cost management and operational efficiency while maintaining and developing the workforce over the past two years, enabling us to respond quickly to strong demand and provide quick support for Dubai’s recovery.”

He emphasized that Flydubai’s profitable record for the second year in a row since the onset of the “Covid-19” pandemic reflects the outstanding contribution of the company’s workforce and the favorable environment in which we work. , which helps in growth and success.

“I look forward to seeing (flydubai) play an important role as an influential force in the aviation sector (Dubai Economic Agenda D33),” he said.

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Big opportunities

For his part, Ghaith Al-Ghaith, CEO of Flydubai, said: “We realized early on the huge growing opportunities that Dubai offers, which has always motivated us to expand our operations at a time when demand for travel revenue is high.”

He added: “Our flexible financial position has enabled us to maintain positive cash flows without the need for government support, which we received during the pandemic, and last year was exceptional, consistent with the acceleration of demand and previous months. (Expo 2020 Dubai), in addition to the unprecedented efforts to facilitate the movement of travelers and football fans between Dubai and Doha during the last World Cup ».

Al-Ghaith continued: “Working in challenging times characterized by constant volatility in fuel prices, supply chain disruptions, high global inflation and geopolitical turmoil has not affected our strong performance over the past year. Optimization, and strong earnings have contributed to this historic financial performance of our (Boeing 737 Max) Contributed to better fuel efficiency of the aircraft.

Al-Qaida expressed his pride in what the company has achieved in terms of network and fleet growth, qualified personnel and performance that has risen to new heights, thanks to the vision of the country’s leadership and “the hard work of everyone at Flydubai.”

2023 prediction

Commenting on his expectations for the current year, Al Cait said, “Dubai and the UAE in general are among the most attractive destinations for business and tourism, with a strong and growing economy and a global aviation hub keeping pace with population growth. . Despite the challenges facing the aviation industry, our growth trajectory continues to support and enhance Dubai’s position as a global aviation hub.

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He continued, “In 2023, we will continue to invest in new technologies and infrastructure, expand our network and upgrade our aircraft through our airline partnerships. We constantly use different skills.

Arrange day trips

During the period from November 21 to December 19, 2022, Fly Dubai operated 1,290 round-trip flights between Dubai World Central and Doha International Airports with six flights allocated. During the 2022 World Cup, more than 133,000 football fans representing 171 countries will be able to travel with ease.

Partnership with Emirates Airlines

In November 2022, Emirates Airlines and Fly Dubai celebrated five years of their strategic partnership, enabling more than 11 million passengers to travel flexibly through a combined network spanning 215 destinations in 98 countries.

16 new locations

Flydubai launched 16 destinations, bringing the total number of network destinations to 114 by the end of 2022, while carrying 10.6 million passengers, an 89% growth compared to 2021.

Fleet size

Flydubai has received 17 new aircraft, a record number of deliveries in the company’s history. Tanker fleet has grown by 25% over last year.

The company ended 2022 with a fleet of 74 aircraft, and returned two new-generation Boeing 737s to lessees at the end of their operating leases.

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