June 7, 2023

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Look .. a player steals a yellow card from the referee before the surprise

In the 18th round of the Brazilian Football League, Gremio lost at home to Corinthians Boulista with a single goal in a fantastic match.

The events of the match began after striker Joe scored for the crowd in the 79th minute. The hosts’ players protested against the goal, especially as player Mycon lost heart, with Ricardo Marquez Ribeiro, the referee, a red card on the player’s face.

Things got worse when a controversial referee sued in the final minute of the meeting, where Crimeo striker Diego de Zoza was mistreated by the opponent’s goalkeeper outside the penalty area, and the striker was shown a red card in the goalkeeper’s face, but only given a yellow card.

Chouza, who withdrew the “theft” of the yellow card from the referee’s hand in protest of his decision, refused to return it to him, but the referee took another yellow card from his pocket and surprised him, and according to records, he appears to have been “merciful” to his “thief” and because of his act. Did not provide a yellow card on the face.

Corinthians Ballista increased their score to 27 points after the victory and advanced to sixth in the league rankings.

After the defeat, Crimea’s draw stood at 16 points and eighteenth in the league rankings.

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