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Louvre Abu Dhabi announces the start of its new cultural season


The Louvre Abu Dhabi has announced its new cultural season, which will kick off three major international exhibitions, with a new art exhibition and prize, followed by a children’s museum exhibition, and a rich cultural show. This new season explores many unique geographical paths and exchanges that have established strong artistic and cultural ties around the world.

In celebration of the 50th National Day of the United Arab Emirates and its fourth anniversary on November 11, the Louvre Abu Dhabi will host a variety of events and events to celebrate global cultural exchange and networking with the United Arab Emirates.

Defective faith

Commenting on the launch of the new cultural season, Manuel Rabat, Director of the Louvre Abu Dhabi, said: “As the United Arab Emirates welcomes the world in the coming months, the Louvre Abu Dhabi will be hosting exhibitions, events and events to suit all audiences. Its upcoming cultural season.

The museum offers its visitors international exhibitions, new collections and works of art on loan, as well as a collection of works from each of the seven emirates. In this exceptional year, we celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the country, where deep-rooted values ​​and true meanings are rooted in our community, and throughout this season, we are committed to our mission when describing the meeting of cultures.

Distinctive model

Dr. Louvre is the Director of the Department of Art Collections, Supervisors and Scientific Research in Abu Dhabi. Soraya Njeim said: “The strength of our art collection and the way we present it is derived from our unique semi-permanent model and story structure.

By collaborating with our partners, instead of taking a bulky acquisition approach, we can borrow masterpieces and display them with our art collection. By telling these stories that are constantly updated, we create a group with a national identity for the people of the United Arab Emirates.

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The new exceptional exhibition “Dragon and Phoenix – Centuries of Inspiration between Chinese and Islamic Cultures”, organized in collaboration with the National Museum of Asian Art and managed by Sophie McCarthy, highlights the exchange of Islamic and Chinese culture and art. Civilizations.

The exhibition, which runs through February 12, 2022, allows visitors to discover the history of mutual inspiration and artistic influence in five vibrantly designed chapters from the eighth to the eighteenth century. China has always attracted the attention of the Islamic world with its technological advancement and beautiful works of art.

At the same time, the Muslim world was a great inspiration to China as a supplier of luxury goods, especially those made of glass, and as a result of its long history of cultural and material exchange. The dominance of Chinese art production did not face competition until an alternative European model with a completely different aesthetic appeared, which attracted the attention of the Islamic world.

The exhibition will feature weekend family film screenings and kayak cinema screenings running from November to December. With dragon boat tours, kayak tours around the museum and yoga sessions.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi has teamed up with leading Swiss watch brand Richard Mille to launch the annual Exhibition and Art Prize for Contemporary Artists.

The inaugural exhibition, Art of Now 2021, will feature works by artists living in the United Arab Emirates, nominated for the Richard Mille Art Prize. The exhibition will take place from November 18, 2021 to March 27, 2022 at the Louvre Abu Dhabi Gallery, a venue for communication and exchange dedicated to contemporary art.

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The jury will select the winner of the $ 50,000 prize from the nominated artists. It should be noted that this collaboration contributes to creating an important platform for artists from the region and expanding the scope of Louvre Abu Dhabi’s contacts with contemporary artists and their works.

In collaboration with the National Museum of the Palace of Versailles and Tryon, the 2022 World Expo tells the story of Versailles Palace as a federal diplomat entitled “Versace and the World” (January 26-June 4, 2022). It served as a tool to enhance the ingenuity of the French royal court and as a platform to express his fascination with various civilizations. In a world of rapid globalization.

The exhibition is managed by Helen Telex, Superintendent of Furniture and Decoration at the National Museum of Versailles and Tryon Palaces, and Bertrand Rondo, Chief Superintendent of Furniture and Decorative Arts.

Versailles Palace has become a diplomatic center for receiving notables from various civilizations around the world, which has led to the discovery that these civilizations represent their culture and aesthetics throughout the palace.

These visits led to an era of art and business exchanges, and the exhibition will feature a variety of art pieces, including collections such as Chinese and Japanese items, wallpaper and pottery.

As for the “Paper Stories” (April to July 2022) exhibition, it traces the origins of paper in all its forms, from ancient Chinese civilization to Islamic civilization, to contemporary global societies.

At a time when the use and purpose of paper in our digital world is in question, this exhibition aims to introduce paper as part of a global and collective human heritage. Co-organized with Musée du Louvre, the exhibition is managed by Xavier Salmon, Director of Louvre’s Graphics and Prints, and Victor Hundsbukler, Supervisor of the same Department.

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Exhibition “My feelings! A New Adventure in the Art World ”At the Children’s Museum, children and families explore four main emotions to enjoy interactive activities, artwork and games between three tiers: joy, sadness, fear and anger.

The exhibition helps children to get rid of negative emotions, increase their sense of happiness, discover their own feelings and understand the feelings of others. It should be noted that entry to the Louvre Abu Dhabi and the exhibition is free for visitors under 18 years of age.

Collections and works of art

In conjunction with the 50th anniversary, the museum will display 59 borrowed works and 56 works from its new collection in its exhibition halls. Credit work is sourced from a number of agencies in the Agencies France-Museums network, as well as regional and local partners. These works of art will be on display along with those in the Louvre Abu Dhabi Art Gallery, telling new stories about cultural relations.

In the same context, and in celebration of National Day, the Louvre Abu Dhabi will display works of art from seven emirates, including museums and local institutions such as the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi and the Dubai Municipality.


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