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Lupna Abdel Aziz denies making fun of veiled actresses: I respect my traditions and my religion


The artist, Lubna Abdel Aziz, issued an official statement clarifying the truth of the statements made to her, in which she vehemently mocked the fact that some artists wore the hijab.

Lubna Abdel Aziz – Photo from the editor’s archive

Lupna added in the statement that she did not describe some of the actresses wearing the hijab for a media show or because they did not want to go to a hairdresser.

Lubna Abdel Aziz – Photo from the editor’s archive

Lubna Abdel Aziz said the answer to this question was different from the statements in circulation on his tongue, that a person is free to do what he does and what he wears, and he is confident. The fact that she does not wear the hijab does not diminish her Islam, the hijab does not imply sectarianism, she wants any woman’s veil to be hopeless, because God does not approve of hypocrisy, and there are women who do this for many women. Reasons do not include pleasing God.

Lubna Abdel Aziz noted in her speech that the retired veiled artists had no personal relationship with any of them and therefore could not talk about their motives or interfere with their relationship with God.

Lubna Abdel Aziz clarified on the sidelines of her reply that it was based on an earlier conversation between her and a friend, who said she wore the hijab instead of going to the hairdresser, but of course she did not think the story should be generalized to all veiled women, so Lupna was taken from the context of her speech .One of his portrayals in front of readers is that he has an anti-hijab stance, which is untrue.

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Lubna Abdel Aziz called on everyone to investigate accurately, and from other sites who rushed to release the report; Not to be dragged into rumors, she insists that her personality and the values ​​she nurtured do not interfere with the affairs of others and their relationship with their Lord.

It is noteworthy that Lubna recently published her autobiography (Lubna .. The Story of a Free Woman) in which the actress describes her life journey in her own language and is written by journalist writer Heba Muhammad Ali.

Author Heba Muhammad Ali says: Although this book is classified in biographical books, it does not focus in essence on the films and cinematic works of Lubna Abdel Aziz, but rather on his life from his birth to his upbringing and family. Crossed his career in radio and journalism, leading to his entry into the acting field.

The book reviews Lupna’s exile years in the United States with her second husband, Ismail Bara, where she gave birth to her two daughters, then moved back to her native Egypt, where she returned to the arts. , And he joined the June 30 revolution.

The book is full of contexts in which Lupna worked with Egyptian art, literature and political stars, or the context in which he integrated them, which he describes for the first time in his own tongue. Rare photos from Lupna’s private archive.

The introduction of the book comes as a bouquet of roses from his fans, colleagues and friends who have been with him for decades, and the gift they gave to al-Bunna was a testament from the heart of his life. They are journalist Mofeed Fawzi, artist Samir Sabri, and professor Ahmed Abdel Qutb, the son of the great writer Ihsan Abdel Qutb, who invented it and was the first to set foot on the star path.

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Last December, artist Lubna Abdel Aziz announced that he had agreed to provide his memoirs, written by author Heba Muhammad Ali, and released a video documenting the artist’s consent to write memoirs after the author rejected the idea for years.

Lupna confirmed that he had no intention of writing his memoirs and that it was a personal matter and had nothing to do with his work as an artist, noting that his contract to write his memoirs was accidental.

In an interview with the “Egypt Time” show, she reveals that the name she chose for her book “Lupna’s Story of a Free Woman” reveals that she faced the opposite current throughout her life.

She pointed to her independent nature and her unique and diverse views from her family and community, which prompted her to leave art and travel to the United States with her husband to do what she wanted without mentioning anyone.

He commented: I did what I felt was literary, family and emotional, it was perfect in every way .. I thought a lot because I had contacts and found that I could not do two things at once. Ability to focus on more than one need.

And about her first husband, producer Nakuib Ramses, he said he was a mentor to her in the world of cinema: she taught me many things about the audience, the taste, the movies, the technology and the art community. Based on my contacts.

He said that if the movie “The Empty Billow” had not been a success, he would not have finished his artwork and that he did not like the movie and only saw clips of it because he was forced to go with the producer. In many celebrations.

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