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Macron decides to send French ambassador to Washington after Pitan summons France News


A few days after being called to protest the US position on the submarine deal, France decided to send its ambassador back to Washington.

This came in the wake of a telephone conversation between French President Emmanuel Macron and US President Joe Biden, aimed at easing tensions between the two countries since Australia announced its withdrawal from the deal to buy French submarines. New agreement with US and UK.

Presidents Macron and Biden acknowledged that the Elysee Palace report could have prevented the crisis through open consultations between allies, and the report added that Biden had expressed his permanent commitment to the issue.

The two leaders decided to begin in-depth consultations, proposing concrete steps to guarantee confidence and achieve common goals, noting that they would reach points in Europe by the end of next October. Agreement, to maintain the movement of this path.

According to the Elysee report, the United States reiterated that the participation of France and the European Union in the Indo-Pacific region was of strategic importance, and stressed that it was aware of the need for European security to be strong and efficient. To contribute positively to global security, and to complement the role of NATO. (NATO)

The report pointed out that the United States pledges to strengthen its support for European-led counter-terrorism operations in the Sahel region as part of the Joint War on Terror.

Australia announced last week that it was canceling an order for conventional submarines from France, and is building at least eight nuclear-powered submarines with US and British technology under a new defense alliance called AUKUS.

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The cancellation of the deal angered France, which accused it of stabbing Australia and the United States in the back and recalled its ambassadors from Canberra and Washington.

Beyond anger

In the same context, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on France to overcome anger over the US-Australian submarine deal.

Meanwhile, British Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Robb stressed the importance of the Oax Agreement signed with the United States and Australia to achieve his country’s vision of improving stability in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Rob considered the Oaks important for Britain’s security and the prosperity of its economy, which would enhance the negotiations between London and Washington to sign free trade agreements, and create many opportunities and jobs.

Danish security

Danish Prime Minister Matteo Frederickson announced on Wednesday that his country did not understand all of the French and European criticism of Washington over the submarine crisis.

Despite pressure from many countries to maintain Atlantic Ocean relations, Copenhagen’s position was different at a meeting in Brussels on Tuesday in which Europeans expressed their solidarity with Paris.

“Based on the debate in Europe at the moment – I think it’s important to say that Biden is very loyal to the Atlantic Alliance,” Frederickson told the Danish newspaper Politician.

“This does not mean that we in the Danish government have to agree with the United States on all matters, and that we wanted to see a different departure from Afghanistan. But I do not feel that there is anything to deceive. The new US administration.”

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According to Frederickson, there is no doubt that Joe Biden is moving US foreign policy away from an isolationist course, re-accepting the role of the world’s leading country that only the United States can play.

Financial compensation

In another context, the French Ministry of Defense said negotiations had begun between the French naval team and Australian authorities over possible financial compensation following the termination of a major contract for the purchase of Canberra submarines.

The ministry told reporters – at an audio conference on the “submarine crisis” – that discussions were underway between “naval team” experts and Australians on compensation.

The French Armed Forces Ministry again criticized what it described as Australia’s “betrayal”, insisting that “they never discussed the Australian decision to switch to nuclear submarines with French authorities.” United States.

On September 15, Paris confirmed that Australian engineers and the Australian military had approved the review of the French project in the official document “Announcement of the end of the operational review of the program”, meaning that Australia was satisfied and we could proceed.

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