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Macron holds extensive consultations before speaking in French on Wednesday… the day after the pension reform law was approved


The President of France speaksEmmanuel Macron The resulting social and political tensions in a live interview with TF1 and France 2 on Wednesday at 13:00 Pension reformAccording to the Elysee.

Macron is holding talks with all parties on Tuesday, following demonstrations, sometimes punctuated by violent tensions, in several French cities after parliament approved the adoption of a pension system that did little to quell the protests.

Elizabeth Bourne, who narrowly escaped being overthrown on Monday, is scheduled to welcome the president in the morning after refusing to do so. No trust deed In the National Assembly by a margin of nine votes.

On Monday evening, the prime minister, who was invited to the Elysee with several members of the government and majority leaders, said: “I am determined to continue to achieve the changes that our country needs.”

Macron will meet the leaders of the Assembly and Senate at a luncheon before meeting representatives of the presidential camp in the evening.

And throughout the day, anger continued with new rallies, sit-ins, road closures, traffic disruptions, and fuel cuts from stations for the first time since the demand movement began.

“The War Continues”

The reform to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64 was formally approved in parliament on Monday, relying on Article 49.3 of the constitution, which allows the bill to be passed without a referendum unless a no-confidence motion leads to the government’s toppling. .

However, the parliamentary decision, which came with a closer-than-expected vote (19 out of 61 deputies voted no-confidence), did little to ease the pressure on the government.

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Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Rally, said Elisabeth Borne “must go” or “the president should fire her”, and many voices on the left called for her resignation.

“The struggle continues,” chanted all the leaders of the new Environmental and Social People’s Union Alliance.

They relied on appeals submitted to the Constituent Assembly and submitted a request for a joint initiative referendum, which the Constituent Assembly must consider accepting.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Bourne announced Monday evening that she would make a “direct” submission to the Constitutional Council to examine the text “as soon as possible.” Reform opponents continue to call for street mobilization.

Anger and suspensions

Demonstrators overturned and burned garbage cans, set up barricades and threw projectiles at police during spontaneous protests across France on Monday night.

The municipality reported that these scenes of tension were repeated in several large cities such as Lyon, Nantes, Rennes, and even in Strasbourg, where about two thousand people demonstrated.

Dungis (west), according to AFP photographer, security forces intervened from Monday night to Tuesday to disperse the strikers who have occupied the oil port for a week.

A source close to the strikers, contacted by Agence France-Presse before the action ended, said there had been “clashes” during the night. A police source said a total of 287 people were arrested, including 234 in Paris.

France 24 / AFP

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