February 7, 2023

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Macron launches fierce attack on Le Pen: "His motives are dictatorship"

Macron launches fierce attack on Le Pen: “His motives are dictatorship”

And became Macron He easily defeated Le Pen in 2017 when voters rallied behind him to oust him On the right About power. But this time he faces a tough challenge.

Le Pen, who was slightly behind in the polls, improved his image and took advantage of the rising cost of living and his anger at Macron’s withdrawal from daily hardships.

Some polls suggest his victory in the run-off on April 24 was on the verge of error.

“Despite all efforts, the true face of the far right is coming back. It is the face of disrespect for freedom, constitutional framework, freedom of the press, fundamental freedoms and rights,” Macron told France 2 television.

Macron added, describing a report recently Lupine The politician is full of lies and false promises that will obscure an extreme right-wing agenda and eventually lead France to leave the EU; Such ideas are the beginning of a “power struggle.”

Le Pen said the program, which denied accreditation to journalists, was entertainment, not the press, and that he had the right to choose who would attend his press conferences – now as a candidate and then as president – if elected.

He responded that Macron was showing his “weakness” and was unable to teach a lesson on how to deal with journalists.

Macron’s relationship with the media was strained when he was president, and last week he was criticized for refusing to attend several major time shows before the first round.

Le Pen said at one of his campaign stations outside Paris: “He’s good to get the gist of my project. He’s well known and outspoken. We can discuss and argue our differences.”

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